7 Most Unusual and Exciting Open Yale Online Courses

Online courses give students the unique opportunity of in-depth study on a number of subjects that might not be available in regular Curriculums. They represent the perfect opportunity of obtaining vital knowledge on subjects of interest that most students do not have access to. If you choose to follow one such course offered by a prestigious university you will also gain invaluable skills that will help you on the job market in the future. Free online courses Yale provide access to a number of introductory lectures taught by the most distinguished scholars at the University.


Let’s take closer look at the most unusual and exciting Open Yale online courses. Before we do, we would like to mention that all of the following courses have been recorded in the College classroom and are now available in audio, text transcript and video format. Although there is no degree or validation available for students completing these courses, college credits are offered online through the Yale Summer online program.


1. Capitalism, Success, Crisis and Reform


The “Capitalism, Success, Crisis and Reform” course is held by Professor Douglas W. Rae. During this course students will learn how to interpret and use ideas that come from biological evolution. With the help of this Yale online course they will understand how firms are pursuing varied strategies to face extinction, and how strategies that fail are analogous to organisms that struggle for survival in nature. In other words, this atypical course will create a parallel between the natural environment, the alleviation of poverty and the development of human potential. Every resource used during this course will discuss the good and bad consequences of capitalism on the modern world.


Course Materials: click here


2. Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior


Next on our list of free Yale online courses is “Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior” taught by Professor Stephen C. Stearns. This course tackles the principles of ecology, behavior and evolution in a unique manner. It appears that these fields have implications beyond their normal boundaries: in mechanisms and processes that should form part of the toolkit of all biologists.


Course Materials: click here


3. Game Theory


Exciting Open Yale Online Courses and Game TheoryNow here’s a Yale online course that you will definitely enjoy: “Game Theory”. As you may very well now, gaming is regarded as a fruitless activity. Professor Ben Polak has a different opinion. According to him gaming promotes strategic thinking and ideas such as Nash equilibrium, commitment, asymmetric information, evolutionary stability and many more. In his course, he applied to games the examples drawn from fields such as politics and economics.


Course materials: click here


4. Frontier of Biomedical Engineering


Our number four pick for free Yale online courses is “Frontier of Biomedical Engineering”. This topic is extremely fascinating, and it covers the concepts of biometrical engineering and its connection with the spectrum of human activity. The Yale online course is basically an introduction to fundamental science. It also illustrates examples of product development and the product testing cycle.


Course materials: click here


5. Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics


Professor Charles Bailyn is the one holding lectures on the subject “Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics”. Of all Yale online courses, this is probably one of the most exciting ones, because it covers the endless space, extra-solar planets, dark energy and black holes. The main objective of the course is to improve understanding of the Universe over the following years. This is the reason why Charles Bailyn explores not only what we know, but also how astronomers are trying to find out more.


Course materials: click here


6. Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature


Professor Tamar Gendler is a Professor of Cognitive Science at the University. She also holds the Yale online course for “Philosophy and the science of human nature”. This course uses writings from Western philosophical traditions and combines it with recent “findings in cognitive science” to understand how happiness, morality and justice are defined.


Course materials: click here


7. The Moral Foundations of Politics


Our list of Yale online free courses that might interest you is almost complete. Here is our last pick. History is being written right at this very moment, but how much do we understand about it? Most citizens of the United States are completely unaware of the politics games which are unfolding at present. Professor Ian Shapiro wants to change this by answering the question “When do governments deserve our allegiance?” His course, “The Moral Foundations of Politics” opens with a survey of major political theories (Marxism, Utilitarianism, and Enlightenment) which he uses to explain debates related to today’s politics.


Course materials: click here


These are only a few of the many free Yale online courses that you should consider following in the future. You can find more interesting and unusual subjects on the university’s official website.

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