Top 7 Animal Nutrition Courses Online to Enroll in Today

People often want to learn more about nature. The various animals in the ecosystem provide both beauty and utility. Studying them can enrich one’s life in both a personal and professional sense. But one will often find the search for a starting point rather difficult.

In the following list we’ll make that easier by considering the best animal nutrition courses online. We’ll use material covered as the primary metric. But we’ll weigh this alongside factors such as overall cost.

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7. Pet Nutrition ICOES Accredited Course

The Pet Nutrition ICOES Accredited Course provides a large overview of animal nutrition. But it places the primary focus on pet care. Descriptions of nutritional needs are largely framed by their end effect within pet species. Dogs and cats receive more attention than any other species. However, the class also covers more exotic pets such as fish or turtles.

It’s one of the best animal nutrition courses online for students primarily interested in pet care. The attention to underlying biology isn’t as in depth as some other options. But at the same time it covers aspects of pet care which more biologically oriented nutritional programs would overlook.

Certificate: Yes (CPD accreditation);
Exam: Yes;
Cost: $245.49.

6. Pet Food Making Accredited Course

The Pet Food Making Accredited Course ranks somewhat lower simply due to specialization. Students will find the usefulness of the course dependent on their need to actually make pet food. Unlike most of the other selections, this course is primarily intended to be more about practice than theory.

Students can expect to actually know how to make high quality pet food on their own once they’ve finished the course. And along with this they’ll have the skills needed to judge the overall nutritional and construction quality of commercial brands. The course even covers how to work with taste to create food that pets love. It’s one of the best animal nutrition courses online for people primarily interested in practical application of their studies.

Certificate: Yes (CPD Certified & IAO Accredited);
Exam: Yes (With immediate grading);
Cost: $305.81.

5. Pet Nutrition

This course is heavily focused on a housepets nutritional needs. Some pet nutrition classes use the term rather broadly as a framing device. But students should only take this course if they’re specifically interested in a pet’s nutritional needs. The focus on pets allows for a more in depth view of nutrition.

This course doesn’t just look at biology, but also the social considerations surrounding pet care. It’s one of the best animal nutrition courses online for people primarily interested in cats and dogs. And in particular for people who want to apply that knowledge to a pet of their own. But it’s less well suited to someone who might want to use the class in a non-urban setting.

Certificate: Yes;
Exam: Yes;
Cost: $175.

4. Pet Nutrition

One shouldn’t take the label to imply a lack of scope. It uses the term in a fairly broad sense. The course covers the smaller mammals typically kept as pets. But it also teaches students about the needs of birds, fish and reptiles.

The course is best suited to students who are primarily interested in pet nutrition. But who, at the same time, want to understand those needs within a larger context. Students should also note that the course doesn’t just provide information about positive dietary choices. It also covers what to expect from specific dietary deficits.

Certificate: ICOES and CPD Certification;
Exam: 11 exams total (1 exam per module);
Cost: $175.

3. Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

The Pet Food Nutrition Specialist course uses a modular approach. This course as a whole focuses on some important but isolated aspect of animal nutrition. Each module will require understanding of linked concepts. But for the most part it’s an ideal choice for people who simply need to fill in some gaps.

For example, someone might have a biology background but lack information about pet food packaging. And of course the reverse might be true as well. There’s no firm prerequisites for the course. However, it’s considered intermediate level and beginners might feel it’s too advanced.

Certificate: DNM certificate of completion;
Exam: Online test with up to three attempts;
Cost: $295.

2. Animal Physiology 3. Digestion and metabolism

Animal Physiology 3’s ranking should rise or fall depending on one’s current academic background. It’s one of the more advanced animal nutrition courses online. This makes it an ideal class to pair with the other offerings.

While it’s the third class in a Udemy series there’s no set requirement to have taken the previous two. This gives people the freedom to pair it with other offerings on this list or to simply use it as their first choice.

The course presents students with advanced material based on solid understanding of biological systems. Students can expect a solid education in the overall evolutionary system which prompts different nutritional needs. This can help people who want to understand why various animals have such divergent nutritional requirements.

Certificate: Certificate of completion;
Exam: No;

1. Undergraduate Certificate in Animal Nutrition

The Undergraduate Certificate in Animal Nutrition is among the best animal nutrition courses online for almost any student. It offers the most extensive range of material of any item on the list. Those options which come close to matching the scope tend to start with assumptions about prerequisite knowledge.

This class is an ideal choice for everyone because it can take one from beginner to expert. One can even choose to attend some classes in person rather than online. The only downside comes from the price.

It’s the most extensive, but also the most expensive. But if one wants to go from beginner to expert in the most efficient way possible than it’s well worth consideration.

Certificate: Certificate in Animal Science;
Exam: Yes;
Cost: $2,712.12.

Summing Up

Of course in the end any animal brings a host of complexities with it. All of these courses highlight just how large the subject can be. Animal nutrition can cover everything from a cat to a fish. But it should also drive home how important discussion can be.

Readers who have questions or experience with the classes should feel free to comment. Talking over the options can be a huge help for people deciding on the best match for their needs.