6 Best French Language Courses Online

French is one of the most romantic languages in the world. As a world language, learning French can open job opportunities for you. There are several companies that look for bilingual employees. Knowing French gives you an edge; just remember to include it on your resume. Another reason you may wanna learn French is to attend a prestigious university in France for higher education.
Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn French, we would recommend any of the following top online courses.

best french language course online

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1. FluentU French

FluentU French is an online French course on the language learning site Fluent U. This course is the best French language course online that makes learning fun. FluentU uses music videos, inspiring talks, news, and movie trailers to teach the language. Not only is it fun to learn French this way but you’ll be exposed to how French is used in native, natural settings. It will help you become a fluent speaker.

The videos have translations in the subtitles and in-context definitions to help you understand what’s being said and how to apply it to everyday conversations. Under “learn mode”, you can test your understanding of the video. Beginners needn’t worry about the videos being too difficult for their level because FLuentU French has videos for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. FluentU French is available as an app, so you can still study when you’re away from a computer.

Website: FluentU.com;
Certificate: No;
Exam: No;
Cost: $15 per month for basic; $30 per month for plus.

2. À l’écoute de la langue française by La Guingette

La Guingette offers three French language courses: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginner’s course provides students with a deep understanding of the basics of French. There are 36 lessons in the course, and each lesson is around one hour long. You can test yourself to ensure you’re retaining the language with the exercises included at the end of each lesson.

In the intermediate course, there’s emphasis on the spoken word. The lessons include interviews from native French speakers to help you grasp French as a spoken language. As with the beginner course, there are 36 lessons, each taking approximately one hour to complete.

The goal of the advanced course is to help students become fluent in French. You’ll learn about complex speech constructions, figures of speech, and stylistic touches to speak French more like a native. Each lesson is around one hour long, and there are 36 lessons. La Guingette is the best French language course online for those who want a simplistic way of becoming fluent in French.

Website: LaGuinguette.com;
Certificate: No;
Exam: No;
Cost: 45€ per year, which is around $52.24.

3. Learn French with Babbel

Babbel, the #1 selling language learning app in the world, has a host of French language courses of the beginner and intermediate levels. For advanced courses, they offer courses on a specific topic, such as idioms and listening and speaking. The course layout differs depending on which you’re taking. Most beginner and intermediate French courses at Babbel consist of vocabulary, grammar, and dialogue with audio. Exercises come at the end of each lesson to help students practice what they’re learning.

Babbel designed their courses to teach students what they need to know to have practical, everyday conversations. You’ll learn real-life French conversation skills. Their lessons were written by language experts. The voices behind the French audio are from native speakers as well, so you can accurately hear the pronunciation of French words. Babbel has speech recognition technology to ensure you get it right. Babbel is the best French language course online for people who prefer short lessons. Their lessons are only 10-15 minutes long.

Website: Babble.com;
Certificate: No;
Exam: No;
Cost: $12.95 per month.

4. Elementary French I & II by Open Learning Initiative

Elementary French I is the best French language course online for beginners. The two courses Open Learning Initiative offers beginners are Elementary French I and Elementary French II. These courses are structured with multimedia interactivity to assist with learning.

Real-world videos filmed in French-speaking regions, such as Quebec and France, are incorporated in the courses to make learning fun. You’ll learn how to introduce yourself, basic grammar, and how to discuss food. Upon completing both beginner courses, you’ll be ready to start an intermediate French language course. An exam is provided at the end of both courses to ensure you understood the material.

Website: Oli.cmu.edu;
Certificate: No;
Exam: Yes;
Cost: $10 per course.

5. Click on French

Click on French is a simple online course geared at beginners. It has an app version that you can use on smartphones and tablets when you’re not near a laptop or desktop computer. Lessons are interactive and include vocabulary. There are also video and audio recordings to expose you to French in natural settings. Grammatical explanations go in-depth to ensure beginners have a good understanding of basic French grammar.

You can receive feedback from online French teachers on Click on French as well. The tests in this online language course prepare students for the DELF A1 exam. Click on French also has an intermediate course you can move on to once you’ve finished the beginner course.

Website: ClickonFrench.com
Certificate: No
Exam: No
Cost: Free

6. Athabasca University Courses

If you want a chance at earning a degree in French language, then every single course offered by Athabasca University is the best French language course online for you. Athabasca University is a university in Alberta, Canada that offers 16 French courses online. Their courses are set up like a university course. Expect interactive classes, audio and speaking components, exercises, and quizzes. Options in their advanced courses include French literature, reading, and writing.

Website: Athabascau.ca;
Certificate: No but you can earn a degree;
Exam: Yes;
Cost: Around $1,624 for a 3-credit course as a student outside of Canada.

Summing Up

The six courses listed above are some of the best French language courses online. Although the last one is expensive, it’s one of the cheapest options if you need a degree in French. If you don’t need a degree in French, then it’s better to choose a cheaper online course assuming you don’t have much money to spend on learning the language. Many inexpensive and free courses are just as good as the expensive classes.

Which course do you think is the best French language course online?