7 Best Human Anatomy Online Courses to Take this Year

Anatomy and physiology form the basis of most medical studies. But at the same time it can be rather difficult to pick up. The subject consists of a great deal of memorization and advanced education. This can make it a rather difficult prerequisite.

But there’s quite a few options for online study. Studying online makes an intimidating subject more manageable. In this article we’ll examine human anatomy online course options. We’ll consider cost, scope, exams and certifications.

Vintage anatomy drawings of the human body

7. Anatomy Basics – Intro to Studying Human Anatomy

Anatomy basics is especially notable as an introduction. Most of the other options cover advanced subjects. But one will often need to begin at the very beginning. This option provides a human anatomy online course suited for absolute beginners.

Some of the other classes do offer introductory material. But this is the only option especially targeting absolute beginners. Students can learn some basic anatomical terms. This includes the basic Latin prefix and suffix systems used to define body parts.

One should note that the class doesn’t offer college credits. People can still use it as a basic foundation for later study. For example, taking it before a college level anatomy class.

Website: Udemy.com.
Certificate: Certificate of completion.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $19.95.

6. Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology is best seen as a compliment to anatomy basics. One doesn’t have to take both courses. However, they lead so well into each other that students will find quite a few benefits from a combination.

This class takes the basics of an anatomy study and pushes it to the next level. One item of particular note is the study of cellular biology. Anatomy and physiology classes tend to neglect neurology.

But at the same time cellular biology forms the foundation of modern anatomical study. The classes focus on cellular biology helps to inform students of why systems operate as they do.

Website: Udemy.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: No.
Cost: $39.95.

5. Online Anatomy and Physiology 1

Straighterline’s human anatomy online course is ideal for people who need academic credits. People can use the course in one of two ways. It can be an end unto itself. Taking the class provides one with academic understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Roughly at a level analogous to most 101 level courses.

But one can also use the class as a stepping stone to further education. The class is not only equivalent in theory to a 101 level class. It’s also accredited as such. Because of this one can use the class to gain three college level credits.

These credits are viable in most other schools. And one can also use these credits to fulfill prerequisites for more classes within the straighter edge system.

Website: Straighterline.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: Yes (30% of final grade).
Cost: $74.

4. Corexcel Anatomy and Physiology

Corexcel’s course is among the most expensive human anatomy online course options. However, the price offers some impressive features. The class itself covers an equivalent of a 101 level class. And one will receive college credits to represent that fact.

The three credits are fully accredited and should be acceptable within most institutions. However, the most impressive feature involves overall pace. The class would typically take around one quarter of a year.

But instead one can go as fast or slow as desired. This makes it ideal for students who don’t have much free time. They can take up to a full year to complete the course. Or, conversely, they can go about it at a much more rapid pace.

Website: Corexcel.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $318.

3. Easy Anatomy and Physiology (Platinum Edition)

One shouldn’t take the title of the course the wrong way. Easy anatomy and physiology is meant to be easy. But it’s anything but simplistic.

The course is roughly equivalent to two courses at a university. But it’s made easier to learn through modern teaching methodology. One highlight of the course is innovative use of video supplements. The video presentations make some complex ideas easier to understand.

Students will find it even easier thanks to specially designed e-books. This digital material has been designed to work with the video presentations. And together they allow students to push through the material at a rapid pace.

Website: Udemy.com.
Certificate: Certificate of completion.
Exam: Quiz at end of each section.
Cost: $29.99.

2. UBC Neuroanatomy

The UBC human anatomy online course isn’t formally structured. Students should expect to go about the course at their own pace. But while there isn’t a form one will find a lot within the class. It’s particularly noteworthy for the fact that it covers a very specialized subject.

Many existing classes touch on neuroanatomy. But this is the only listed option which focuses entirely on the anatomy of a human brain. This makes it an absolute essential for students who have special interest in neuroanatomy.

The course itself is free. But students will probably want to use a textbook along with it. It exists in both ebook and standard edition. But both hover around the fifty dollar price point.

Website: Neuroanatomy.ca.
Certificate: No.
Exam: No.
Cost: Free, with textbook available for $50.33.

1. Stanford’s Anatomy and Physiology

Stanford’s anatomy and physiology class is perhaps the highest quality free class. It’s an human anatomy online course for people who want the best result for their investment. The only thing one needs to provide is time. And the result is a high quality education.

There is a notable downside to this course. The class doesn’t provide any real verification that one has completed study in the subject. As such, it’s best suited to students who don’t need to prove completion to outside agencies.

For example,one might use it for self study. Or as a way of learning about the subject when considering further study.

Website: Stanford.edu.
Certificate: No.
Exam: No.
Cost: Free.

Summing Up

In conclusion, one can see a few principles in effect. But the most important comes down to learning style. The various courses all focus on different approaches to the same subject. But despite that fact there’s not much overlap. All of the courses showcase different styles.
But that same variation makes it important to discuss the issue. Anyone who’s taken them should weigh in on their experiences. This can help others match their learning style to class offerings.