Best OneNote Tutorial for Beginners and Intermediate Users

Microsoft might receive complaints about some of its products and decisions. One thing’s for sure: their OneNote is the program of choice for many computers and laptop users. Thinking of using it soon and you’re looking for a good OneNote tutorial? We have a couple of options for you. Pick one and start making the most out of this useful feature.

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What Is OneNote?

OneNote is a computer program developed by Microsoft and released in 2003. There have been several versions throughout the year, depending on your device’s operating system. They’re the following: OneNote 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

The operating systems that support OneNote are these:

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • OS X.
  • Android.
  • iOS.
  • Windows Phone.

OneNote 2007 is the only version that offers simultaneous editing in Dropbox and OneDrive. Also, you won’t be locked out of shared documents if you’re doing your work at the same time with others. There’s a Windows Store version of OneNote and it works with Windows RT and Windows 8 smoothly.

Two years ago, Mac users have been able to use the program on their devices. Windows 2010 was released last year with an integrated OneNote.

The program is useful if you want to take quick notes or keep a diary. Below is a list of the most useful OneNote tutorials to get you started.

How-To Geek

The guys over at How-To Geek have many great tutorials. They cover almost every topic you can think of and their tips and tricks come in handy if you have problems. The OneNote tutorial we found on their website is meant for Windows 10 users.

onenote tutorial how to

As you all know, this version came with major change. You’ll get a bit of getting used to if you’re still accustomed to the previous operating system. OneNote is one of many programs that received a makeover. The tutorial is of great help since its author walks you through different topics. You’ll learn the following:

  • Manage pages.
  • Create and edit notes.
  • Familiarize with the most common buttons.
  • Work with the program’s many Settings.
  • Share notes with others (only if you want to).


If you’re not satisfied with the tutorials on How-To Geek, you can use the ones on They offer plenty of good information on the 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 versions of OneNote.

onenote tutorial mac

Users of Mac 2011 will be happy to know that there’s a tutorial online for them. It covers everything there is to know about the software.

PC World

The tutorials you’ll discover on PC World are some of the best on the Internet. The website reviews different gadgets every day. It also teaches beginners many things about programs like the OneNote.

onenote tutorial beginners

The explanations they give in their post are for absolute beginners. You’re welcome to use it if you’re the kind who takes a lot of notes for work or at home. They talk about the basics and design of OneNote, as well as all the things you can use it for. OneNote for the iPhone 6 Plus and Mac are also discussed. The latter isn’t as powerful as the version for Windows. The author then talks about OneNote for your Android smartphone.


The University of North Dakota offers many tutorials for free on their official site. One of them introduces you to OneNote 2007. If you click the link above, you’ll be redirected to a 45-page OneNote tutorial.

onenote tutorial 2007

Users who’ve just updated from the 2003 version will find the transition smooth. You’ll get familiar with the basics, find out what you can use it for, and much more. Each section comes with both text and colorful images so you can learn about the OneNote in a fun way.


A video tutorial is perhaps better for some of you. If that’s the case, we recommend the YouTube one offered by WonderHowTo. It might seem too short, but it’s filled with a lot of tips and tricks.

By the end of it, you’ll know how to take notes, add an image or a video recording, and so on. Organizing your ideas and plans will become easier.

If you’re using Windows 2010 or the 2013 version, we have other useful tutorials for you below.

Beginner Geek

Remember the How-To Geek post from earlier? The guys are back, this time with another OneNote tutorial. Thinking of going back to OneNote 2010? You’ll need something extra special to properly navigate this program. Which, by the way, comes with MS Office 2010. The Starter edition doesn’t incorporate it.

The OneNote 2010 will feel a whole lot different when you compare it to the newest version. It is, however, easier to navigate. The tutorial shows you how to do it with easy to follow images. When you’re done with the information, you’ll know how to work with the software.

Virginia Tech

If you’re looking for another university lecture on the program, Virginia Tech has a PDF OneNote tutorial. You get 20 pages at your disposal to learn all the dos and don’ts. Each chapter contains an explanatory text and colorful images. This will make it easier for beginners to remember the lessons.

Ever wanted an alternative to Notepad and other note-taking software? Microsoft came up with a useful program 13 years ago. They called it OneNote. If you’ve browsed online for a OneNote tutorial but didn’t find a good one, we have just the thing. Each of them is easy to understand and you’ll be able to use the program right away.

Quick Start Guide

Looking for the sort of OneNote tutorial that lets you get accustomed to a new program in under 30 minutes? Microsoft has an Office support page that beginners should use. The guide is free, just like the others we mentioned before. It works for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

To have the information at your fingertips, go to the image under the title and click on it. The guide will then be downloaded to your computer. Consult it when you have the time and use what you learn to make the OneNote experience valuable.

OneNote 2013 Videos and Tutorials

If you want the longer version, the same website has put together an extensive list of guides. Only this time around, you get both the written version and videos. Combine the two and the whole learning experience will become enjoyable.

The tutorials are for beginners and intermediate users. The newbies have 10 lessons to look at while the second category is offered 2 lessons. Each course is worth a read. Once you have a basic or intermediate understanding, your experience will become much better.

OneNote 2013 for Dummies

Learning something new can make you feel less smart than usual. The OneNote 2013 for Dummies has a long list of topics that give you your confidence back. Some of them are called “How to Password-Protect Sections in OneNote 2013” and “How to Insert Data from Office Apps in OneNote 2013.”

There are 25 lessons in total on the website. After you reach the end, you’ll finally be able to put them to good use.

It can be really hard to find the perfect OneNote tutorial. We came across 5 of the best ones and we added another 5 to the mix. Beginners and intermediate OneNote users will learn a lot of valuable skills in a short time!

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