7 Best PMP Prep Courses Online to Improve Your Management Skills

Project management is a vital part of business. Furthermore, a solid academic background in the subject offers up some unique advantages. It looks great on a resume but learning the fundamentals of project management also helps people achieve results.
In the following article we’ll examine the best PMP prep course online options. These courses give people the ability to pursue an education at their own pace.

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7. PM Study Online Course – Gold

The lower ranking shouldn’t make one think that the PM Study Online Course is bad. It’s a solid course, which offers a number of great features. The course’s primary feature is a 12 video series. Each video comes with a set of study materials that enforce lesson ideas.

The course is especially notable for being beginner friendly. Beginners can jump right into the program. There’s very little advance preparation or knowledge needed. However, this is also a reason for the somewhat lower ranking. Some people might find it to be somewhat slow at the beginning.

Website: Pmstudy.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: 4 prep exams.
Cost: $89.95.

6. Whizlabs PMP Self Study Training

Whizlabs offers a mid-range price option with some impressive results. It offers many features which dip into what makes the others great options. It can be something of a jack of all trades course. For example, it offers flashcards and video lectures.

The scope of material makes it strong contender for best PMP prep course online. But the biggest claim to fame is the guarantee. The price is refundable if one isn’t able to pass.

That said, there are issues which can keep it from being the best PMP prep course online. Some people might find the amount of material not quite up to par with other options. The fact that it touches on some styles focused within other courses might be a detriment. It also might focus a little too much on self study when compared with other options.

Website: Whizlabs.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: 4 practice exams and 200 practice questions.
Cost: $99.95.

5. PM PrepCast

Project Management Prepcast offers an interesting take on the subject matter. Or, to be more precise, how it presents project management. Everyone has a smartphone these days. And the Prepcast works to leverage smartphone ownership in a unique way. Lessons are specially tailored to work with one’s phone.

Some might see it as a downside. Many people find themselves easily distracted when their phones are out. But at the same time what’s a disadvantage to some is an advantage to others. Those who enjoy this method of learning have access to over 50 hours of video lectures. Even much of the study material can sit on one’s phone for later access.

Website: Project-management-prepcast.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: 300 practice questions.
Cost: $199.

4. CrossWind PMP Exam Success Series

Crosswind Exam Series is somewhat similar to their bootcamp options. The main difference is that it gives people more of a chance to work at their own pace. It might not be what one would consider a relaxed pace. But it’s still a bit easier to sit down and let the Exam Series material sink in.

Unlike many other options, it uses audio rather than video. This can seem like a downside depending on one’s learning style. But people who spend a lot of time in transit or moving around can benefit greatly.

Audio isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. But it’s a rare enough item to instantly move this course higher on the list. It’s among the best PMP prep course online for audio centered students.

Website: Crosswindpm.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: Practice exams.
Cost: $295.

3. GreyCampus

GreyCampus ranks high in large part because of trust. A trusted voice within the industry can mean quite a bit. When people hear that someone has used the GreyCampus courses they’ll usually take note. That one aspect can be just as important as the course itself.

But the course is nothing to overlook either. $150 provides one with access to both the course and supplementary material. This material is much like one would prepare when studying for a test. It even includes flashcards. This can seem like a simple addition at first. But there’s something impressive about the little touches getting some attention.

Website: Greycampus.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: Practice exams.
Cost: $150.

2. Proxalt

Proxalt earns a high ranking in large part due to overall value. The low cost makes it a strong contender for best PMP prep course online. At only $35 it’s easily among the lowest cost options. However, low cost might make some people nervous about the overall quality.

Thankfully, the course really is high quality in spite of the low cost. Most of it comes through a flash based system. By using flash there’s no concern needed over system compatibility.

Windows, Linux, OSX and anything else with flash support can run the system. Finally, the exam provided consists of 50 questions which should allow one to fully prepare for the exam.

Website: Proxalt.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: 50 prep questions.
Cost: $35.

1. 4C Change Partners PMP® Certification Preparation

4C Change Partners earns top spot as best PMP prep course online. It features a full twenty hours of video lecture. These videos are each separated into two hour sessions. Unlike many of the other courses, it features full mentorship.

Mentorship is somewhat rare in online courses. But it gives students an important advantage. Mentorship gives students the ability to actually have questions answered. Even a small amount of discussion can offer up huge advantages.

The only disadvantage comes from cost. This is easily the most expensive option. But when one wants the best quality than a higher cost can be worth it.

Website: 4cchangepartners.com.
Certificate: No.
Exam: Pre-test and practice exams.
Cost: $398.

Summing up

In conclusion, one might be struck by how similar many of the courses are. This similarity can make it hard to decide on the best PMP prep course online. In fact, much simply comes down to learning style.

Some courses focus on audio and others on video. Others emphasis self study while another features mentorship. Readers can shed light on which courses work best for them by discussing the options. Posting thoughts and experiences can help people decide on the best match for their unique viewpoints.