What to Consider: Searching for Free Online Bible Courses

Whether you’re looking to earn a theology degree or just trying to come to some deeper understanding of the Bible, there are lots of online training programs that you can enroll in to help you with that. As further good news, there are also a lot of free such educational programs available to anyone interested, so attending the Bible studies of your choice should really not be a problem. With the flexibility of online training, you’ll make your own hours and make sure that the time investment required will fir your general schedule in a most advantageous way. As for the money investment generally required for courses, it can be forfeited with the free online Bible courses mentioned, but only if you will come to the conclusion that that is the best option for you, of course. Before you make up your mind though, there are probably many questions you have about the process of enrolling in one of the countless options. Hopefully, we can help you answer a few of those questions so you know what to expect and to help you find the ideal program of online training for your Bible curiosities.

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The Bible

What can you achieve with free online Bible courses?

First of all, it’s important for you to define what exactly you want to obtain from this Bible education you will undergo. You will probably achieve a deeper understand of religion and its history, as well as of the key concepts of Christianity, but the main question you should ask yourself is whether you want to also obtain a formal benefit of some sort or not. Such a formal benefit could be either a theology graduate degree or its equivalent, or simply a certificate of completion.

If you’re not looking for any formal recognition, but you’re just looking to attend Bible study for your own piece of mind, then it’s easier to find a suitable free version of an online course. Keep in mind that some of the colleges which are offering these courses are also allowing their students to download the online training materials and multiply them for group study. That means that if you would like to, you can use these materials to spark debate and discussions at a Bible study group within your local church, or among your friends as well. This may not provide you with an immediate formal benefit, but it would allow you to fill in the field related to community work in about any application you will consider from now on. Or, if you’re looking for a job within any church or church-connected NGO, coordinating such a group would score you extra points in this endeavor as well.

If you are looking for an even more formal benefit from attending any of the free online Bible courses available, then make sure to include the words “degree” and “theology in every query performed. Most of the universities and colleges who offer degrees at the end of their online training programs aren’t exactly free, but you will still find something suitable nonetheless. Many of them offer the coursework for free (like downloading and using the materials free of charge), but still enact a small fee (as small as $25) for registering to an exam and for processing your results, or for giving you a certificate of completion after that exam.

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Taking an online course… anywhere

Does it matter where the college is, if the courses are online?

There are plenty of universities and Christian colleges who offer such online training programs, and the best way to go is to pick one located in your state or region of residence. Even though the course is an online one and doesn’t require the physical attending which traditional courses do, some kind of proximity is still a good idea. Why is that? Because, especially if you’re attending the online training in pursue of some kind of formal recognition, you may still be required eventually to drop by for some paperwork or to pick up your degree. It’s not mandatory, but it happens every now and then that students from a distance are still summoned at least once to the college they’re attending online, so in order to be prepared, it’s best to pick one in your area.

Another reason for this suggestion is that it may also help if you’re looking for a job in a related field after the completion of the free online Bible courses. Say, you might want to become a Sunday school teacher or a Christian charity activist or whatever. Most institutions which take into account a certificate like the one you’ll obtain after the courses are done will be more likely to accept certificates and degrees released within their state. That means that if you live in a certain area and you’ll most likely apply for a job within that area as well, it’s a good idea to try to enroll at a college within that state, to keep things from potentially complicating in the future.

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