Top 5 EMT Training Online Programs for Obtaining Your Qualification

Becoming an Emergency Medical Technician via a hybrid online/onsite training course can be a good fit for some, especially for those who have little time or ability to enroll in a traditional school. Many of the courses below are also a good option for those who need to recertify or who are looking to take the next step in the development of their EMT career (or for people who simply want to learn how to help others in their community). In the following, you will find five popular hybrid EMT training online courses and their advantages and disadvantages.

Five Top Courses for EMT Training Online

(EMT training online courses are only of the hybrid variety, meaning they combine web-based instruction and digital learning tools with a final one to two weeks of on-site instruction at the school’s facility.)

future EMTs training with a mannequin

EMT & Fire Training Incorporated

This school offers distance learning courses for initial EMT, advanced EMT, EMT refresher courses, and EMT continuing education (CEU). Their courses are accepted for National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Certification. Though individual states set some of their own standards for becoming an EMT, National Registry EMT (NREMT) certification is used by a total of 46 states as the exclusive basis for being certified at one or more levels of EMT professions.

This EMT training online school offers flexible learning hours and a challenging program of learning. They make available to students a Learning Management System that provides 24-hour digital access to numerous study materials, which supplement students’ textbooks. Their course textbook adheres to the new National Education Standards, which itself follows the updated EMT range of topics.

As in each of these schools, after completing the online portion of the curriculum students will be required to attend a “skills week” at the school’s facility, in this case for a 6-day schedule of practical and hands-on instruction. These hands-on skills are integral to passing the NREMT certification exam. This exam includes a skills demonstration, patient assessment and a written test.

EMT & Fire Training has a healthy social media presence and is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A + rating. However, this school may not be a good fit for those who are more budget-minded and can do with fewer perks, such as their “all-inclusive” skills week (which includes three “exceptional” meals a day, a hot tub and a workout room, among other amenities).

First Response Training Group

This EMT online training school offers both basic and more advanced paramedic courses. To be accepted into First Response Training’s program, you need to meet some basic requirements (which are generally applicable to all of the schools listed in this article.) These include a high school diploma, the ability to pass one or more drug tests and a criminal background check, and access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection. Be sure to view any school’s specific eligibility requirements, as these are only general requirements.

This school also requires much from their students, insisting that they maintain sufficiently high levels of several academic measures in order to progress through the program. To help you succeed, this course offers plenty of guidance and mentorship from instructors as well as physicians.

A drawback of this EMT training online school is that it isn’t accredited, which means it hasn’t been certified as meeting or exceeding a minimum level of quality. However, many social media reviewers have praised it and the course is relatively inexpensive.

NMETC (National Medical Education and Training Center)

NMETC is an excellent EMT training online school that offers a comprehensive, fully accredited paramedic training program, as well as a course for EMT-Basic. They offer advanced EMT career training, using a web-based program that is flexible, convenient and supportive for students. To enroll in their Paramedic program, you must have already achieved an EMT-Basic certification, and you must also complete a supplementary English and math exam, though this is not required for the basic course.

The reviews for NMETC are very positive and emphasize their professionalism and dedication to preparing students for the NREMT exam as well as for their career. However, this school’s tuition is among the most expensive of EMT training online programs.

National EMS Institute

Another popular EMT training online provider, National EMS Institute, is an accredited school based in Massachusetts that offers the same hybrid online/onsite instruction in emergency patient care as the other entries. As with each of these schools, it is available to anyone living in the U.S. who also has access to a computer and the internet. Their five-week web-based course is meant to prepare students to take the Massachusetts psychomotor examination (which will satisfy the NREMT requirement) as well as the NREMT exam itself. Be aware, though, that this school demands participation and an overall very high degree of achievement from its students.

User reviews on the Better Business Bureau of this EMT training online school are decidedly mixed, though a majority of reviewers did report positive experiences. The cost to enroll in this program is relatively low.

Training Division

This EMT training online provider is another hybrid basic skills course, and it is the overall best value of the above entries. They allow for a relaxed and flexible study schedule so you can gain the confidence you need before tackling the hands-on portion of the training and the subsequent NREMT certification exam.

The above online schools exist to fill the need of people who may be working other jobs or otherwise don’t have the time, ability or money to study in a traditional classroom. Starting an EMT career is a challenge and demands dedication and effort, but there are many entry-level job opportunities and plenty of room for career advancement. EMT training online is overall an affordable and convenient way to earn your certification and start out on a path to an interesting, challenging and rewarding career.

If you have any experience with these schools or EMT training online in general, feel free to add to the conversation by sharing your views.