How to Enroll for BYU Online Courses

People enroll to online training programs for various reasons. Some may want the extra knowledge boost before University, while others simply want to prepare for the job market. Whatever the goals, online courses can help them achieve them, especially since they offer tangible evidence upon completion. For example, BYU Online course have different programs for high school students, scholars and individuals that want to join prestigious universities. Alix from Tarzana, CA has managed to pursue her passion in acting, despite difficult times, with the help of BYU courses online. This is just one of many success stories.


Are you ready to take the future into your own hands? If the answer to this question is a definite “yes”, then you should consider online programs that offer accredited high school education experience. BYU high school courses are a perfect example in this situation. The university offers three different four-year programs: The Adult Diploma Program, the Advanced Program and the Standard Program. Let’s take a look at each of them to find out how they will help your career, and how you can apply to them:


 The Adult Diploma Program: was designed for students of 19-years and older who are either residents of the United States, or citizens. This program, which is part of the BYU online courses, will help individuals prepare themselves for the job market or for college. Upon successfully completing the program, a graduate will receive a video transcript as well as a high-school diploma from the Provo School District. Keep in mind that students are not advised to enroll for this program if they need only several courses to meet graduation requirements or if they are seeking NAIA, NJCAA, or NCAA eligibility.


 The Standard and Advanced Programs: Like the Adult Diploma Programs advanced and standard BYU online high school courses are also deigned to prepare students for the job market/University. When an individual finishes a course he will receive an official transcript which can be attached to college applications. Specialists advise students of at least 14-years old to apply for the programs. Video transcripts can be used to accompany earned high school credits with the institution.


Tips on Applying to BYU Online Courses


How to Enroll for BYU Online CoursesBYU courses online are secular in nature. What does this mean? In short, it means that student’s with religious affiliation can also take part in the program. Also, students from all over the United states (from Idaho, Texas, Utah etc.) are allowed to enroll in the programs as well. Before enrolling for any of the programs available, a student should consult with an academic advisor. For example, if he is trying to earn recovery credits to save his spot in a high-school, it is better to discuss about this problem with a qualified person. In general, students are suggested to enroll in BYU Independent study courses, but individuals not enrolled in high school can also join the program.


Here are a few extra tricks that will help you enroll for a BYU online course:


 The first step is filling out the online application. You can find the Standard and Advanced programs one here, and the Adult Diploma program here. The registration fee is 40$ if you fax in your application. If the applicant has already attended accredited institutions, he must ask for the transcripts with seal and signature and mail them to the same address.


 Getting Started: Once the fee is received by the High school programs department, you will have to wait approximately three weeks for your application to be processed. Once you are accepted in the program, you will receive a welcome letter as well as your student progress record (in it you will be able to see all credits earned from former schools as well as BYU online courses and credits required to pass).


 Every student program has a chart list with program requirements. They can be checked on the official website. Specialists advise students who have enrolled for BYU online courses to continue their high school education exclusively with the Independent study. The only situation where a student is allowed to take a course at another school is when the institution for online training doesn’t have the requested course (you should check BYU online course catalog -at to make sure that the desired BYU online course is available)


 Registering for Courses: Once the application has been reviewed, it is time to register for courses (by calling at 1-800-914-8931). Prices vary from course to course, but it hovers at around 132$. You may have to purchase text books and other materials for the course. Registering for BYU online courses (Independent study) does not constitute enrollment in a high school program.


 Completion: When a student completes a course he will receive a notice with the grade and amount of credit received. Once you meet the requirements of the high school program, you will also receive the official transcript and a letter of congratulation. These will serve as proof for future jobs or studies. All in all, Byu online courses for high school students can be very beneficial to their career. They are easy to register for, and convenient to follow. Of course, you will have to study thoroughly to meet the requirements, but the effort is worth it, especially when you take into consideration the free time you win.

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