Give Your Professional Path a Boost with Online Training at Ivy Tech

According to advice from Business Insider experts, the key to improving your career’s odds is continued education and especially online training, since it’s the easiest way to obtain further degrees and certifications while doing something else as well (like maintaining a job). Limiting yourself to a single degree obtained through a regular college program poses a risk nowadays, when the professional market is becoming more and more fluid and demanding. This increased flexibility of the job market, which in turn demands an increased flexibility from the people who want to surf it successfully and be on top of things, isn’t really big piece of news.

Just as one should always keep their eyes on a better job, a promising professional should always keep their eyes on a new qualification to add to their range of skills. Only then one can keep up with the times and boost their chances on the ever changing and ever demanding job market; and a very comfortable way to keep up the pace is through online training programs, like the ones offered by Ivy Tech Community College. The Ivy Tech online courses and how you could use them to improve your professional path will be discussed below, after we tackle the issue of online training a bit further.

Why Online Training Is a Great Idea

It’s not that online training programs are necessarily better than classic study programs: sometimes, they’re even unfairly reputed to be quite the contrary. The necessity of improving your education and qualifications through online training actually stems from something else: the fact that many students can’t acquire the hand-on experience and practical knowledge which are required on the job market. Thus, after graduation, they risk to enter a vicious circle: they don’t have access to jobs because they lack certain specific skills which potential employers seek, and they can’t develop those skills precisely because they can’t profess within those jobs.

The easiest solution to elude this circle is pursuing an online training program, because unlike classic student courses, these classes are most often targeted at developing actual practical skills which fresh graduates tend to lack. Even when a recruiter needs to make a choice between two equally equipped and experiences mid-level professionals, having an extra skill gained through online training could actually make the difference between yourself and the other person. If you take a look at the CVs of your competitors, you will notice that these are becoming richer and richer as well with every year that passes, which is all the more reason to keep up. A good place to start if you’re looking to obtain a practical extra skill or certification is through the Ivy Tech online courses, as those are a leader on the adult education market in their area. One of the university’s mottos and core value is “accelerating greatness” and for many enrolled attendees it did just that.

What To Expect from Ivy Tech Online Courses

As any HR expert will confirm, no online course can do wonders on your skills or chances if you don’t actually work for it. An online training program doesn’t imply less work than a traditional degree program; it just means that you can arrange your work hours in a more flexible way that allows you to tend to other businesses as well. So even if you lack the pressure of direct contact with teachers at all times, you still need to give it your best in order to expect good results. Otherwise, the fee which comes with these kinds of programs will become a waste if you fail the class at the end.

It may surprise you to find out that an online training program doesn’t always mean seclusion from some sort of campus life or interaction with fellow students. On the contrary, online courses can help you to build bonds with people who share your interests, and perhaps it can even help you find potential partners for a start-up, since such a course tends to be oriented towards more practical and hand-on matters than regular college education. The Ivy Tech online courses are no exception and the college can boast with highly creative ideas which stemmed from applications of its virtual training.

Another concern which people who seek online training programs should take into account is making sure the program is accredited and the certification they obtain in a certain profession will actually allow them to work as a professional of that field. Otherwise, it’s a shame to spend the time and money required only to discover afterwards that the main professional associations don’t recognize the diploma or certificate obtained. Luckily, in the case of Ivy Tech online courses, this doesn’t need to be a concern since all accreditations are in order.

After you browse the offer of Ivy Tech online courses, you are very likely to find at least one that suits your wish for a mild career reorienting or that could add a valuable skill to the expertize you currently master. Besides learning practical skills and obtaining new certifications, these online training programs also offer the chance of fruitful collaboration with other students, the chance to participate in internships and so on. Good luck and don’t hesitate to further advance your career.


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