5 Ways to Learn Java Online Hassle Free

Java is a relatively easy programming language that is used in web applications, standalone software, or mobile applications. Given its nature, the most convenient way to excellence in this language is to learn java online. Specialists quickly took notice of this and developed hundreds of sites where aspiring Java programmers can perfect their skills or learn everything from the basics.

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Before going through 5 of the best platforms to learn java programming online, let’s learn a bit about its history and what makes it so convenient.

About Java

Java programming language was designed over 20 years ago as a platform-independent language for your everyday electronics: washing machines, microwaves, coffee pots, and the like, but quickly became popular among software and web developers for its functionality and ease of use. in 2016, Java is used by over 9 million developers for Android Apps, web applications, software development, web design, and financial or scientific applications. It is run by more than 3 billion devices worldwide and offers a convenient way to merge smart design with high functionality.

Its evolution is easily observed when comparing older versions to the latest 1.8, but its key attributes remain unchanged:

  • Simple and intuitive: it’s easy to learn, write, compile, or debug when compared to other programming languages.
  • Object-oriented: coders can create reusable code and modular programs.
  • Highly secure and resilient.
  • Architecturally neutral: the processor architecture (32 or 64-bit) of the machine a code was compiled does not endanger its functionality on other computers.
  • Portable – WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) concept.
  • Highly performant and executable.
  • Dynamic and interpreted.
  • Multi-threaded: allows creating multitasking programs.

How to Learn Java Online for Free

A quick Google search will turn out dozens of sites that promise to make java learning easy to understand for any course-taker. However, different people need different approaches not only depending on their level, but also on their learning style. In addition, the amount of information and the way it is structured play a critical role in learning a new skill, especially when it comes to programming. Here are the most thorough java tutorials online:

Java™ Tutorials by Oracle

The Java™ Tutorials are the most complex courses of their kind. With dozens of lessons and hundreds of examples, the Oracle Java courses are well-structured and thorough. They explore every concept behind programming and how Java works the way it does. These Java lessons are suitable for beginners and experienced programmers who want to perfect themselves in preparing for certification, packaging applications, or look into other advanced concepts like GUI.

However, they might not be suitable for those who are looking for an interactive course. This method to learn Java online comes in text form and might be a tiresome read at times, given the amount of information available. Even though users can compile their code using the free Java Platform, the feedback is scarce.

how to learn java online hassle free

University of Helsinki’s Object-Oriented programming with Java

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on object-oriented Java programming is an in-depth Java tutorial online which does not require previous experience. The course is structured in 2 parts over 12 weeks and offers reading materials, practical exercises users can experiment with, and an automatic testing service that provides feedback about each program.

The creators of this course strongly believe course-takers can learn Java online and later use their Java skills best by using the real integrated development environment, not an in-browser platform or an educational environment. This is why this MOOC also requires compiling the code directly on the Java platform. However, support is available for those who cannot identify errors or need help with starting to learn java online.

Java Lessons by W3Schools

W3Schools is another reliable answer to the question “How to learn Java Programming?”. However, it is mostly designed for those with some background in programming and how languages work. The platform provides unabridged information about the history, uses, developments, and possibilities Java offers in 2016. it is intuitively organized and comfortable to navigate through, which makes it easy to use and make connections about notions and practices involved in programming with Java.

The W3Schools platform even has its own in-browser compiler, which has proven to be useful for users who are looking for a more user-friendly tool to learn Java online with.

Online Java Tutorials with Payment Options

Many online courses platforms provide complete course materials to learn Java online for free. However, users who need an in-depth learning process can choose to purchase extra features like personalized feedback from a Java expert, quizzes, projects to test their skills with, or certificates and specializations.

CodeCademy’s Java Course

CodeCademy is one of the most known and efficient online course platforms on the web. It focuses on programming and uses information, design, and user-friendliness to create complete lessons with an intelligent and useful shape. When entering their course to learn Java online, the screen is split into 3 columns as you can see in the example below:

  • The information and instruction panel.
  • The text editor in which you input the code.
  • The compiler.

PrintScreen of Java Course from CodeCademy

This smart design allows non-paying users to understand how Java works with the classical trial-and-error method. For $20/month, CodeCademy Pro offers a learning plan, extra quizzes, projects, and guidance of specialized advisors to better understand how the programming language works. It’s among the most popular platforms to learn Java online, appreciated by beginners and intermediate users both.

Udemy’s Complete Java Developer Course

By far the most comprehensive Java lesson online, Udemy’s course is dedicated to beginners and intermediate Java programmers who want to improve their coding skills. It promises and delivers fluency in the Java programming language, a deep understanding of the concepts behind it, and the ability to create computer programs, desktop, and Android applications.

For $30, course-takers will be trained by a top instructor and have access to permanently updated information. Difficult concepts are smartly explained through parallelism, practical exercises, and examples. It comprises 198 lectures and over 41 hours of video lessons with English captions, as well as a Certificate for those who successfully finish the course. It is, indeed, a hassle-free way to learn Java online.

Learning programming online definitely has its ups and downs. On one hand, users get to use the programming language in its environment: with the help of technology; It has been proven that a person retains information much quicker in practice, by making mistakes and finding solutions. On the other hand, it takes away the personal touch we have been accustomed to when learning a new skill. When the code does not compile properly and you have no idea why an instructor to show you what went wrong can be extremely useful while you try to learn Java online.

Fortunately, more online learning platforms understand the importance of personalized feedback and try to include such services. Access to forums where knowledgeable members are ready to answer questions or solve problems, phone assistance, and video conferences are available for avid learners worldwide. While they can require certain payments, the costs are lower than of a traditional Java learning course.

Other advantages of online Java courses are their convenience and availability since they do not require a certain schedule or being in a specific location. Taking an online course definitely means exploiting the internet and its resources in the best possible way.

Links to the courses mentioned in this article:

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