7 Platforms to Learn Korean Online Without Bother

There are many reasons to learn Korean online. Language learning is an increasingly popular hobby, but knowing the basics of Korean language can prove itself useful when traveling or interacting with colleagues, friends, and business partners. There are dozens of resources to learn Korean language on the web, but not every one of them is effective or well structured. We gathered the best 7 platforms for language learning that feature efficient Korean classes.

Intuitive Platforms to Learn Korean Language Online

Although a complex language which uses its own alphabet, learning Korean can be easy with a well-structured lesson and plenty of exercises. Here are the most comfortable ways to learn Korean online for fun, travel, or extensive conversational skills. You can find links to every course at the end of this article:

Loecsen’s Korean Class Online

Loecsen made good use of its easy-to-use and efficient platform to create a comprehensive guide to communicating in Korean. The course addresses learners with visual and auditory memory: a simplistic sketch portrays different situations you are likely to encounter during your trip while a recording plays back in the background. It is, in our opinion, the best way to learn Korean online free with audio lessons.the first korean lesson from loecsen

The Loecsen Korean course covers the basics very well and includes formal and familiar expressions that help you get by in certain situations:

  • Basic conversation skills;
  • Time tracking;
  • Looking for people or places;
  • Communicating with restaurant, hotel, or transportation employees;
  • Crisis or dangerous circumstances.

Another plus of learning Korean online with Loecsen is its friendliness towards non-native English speakers: you can choose among 40 languages as your native language. Even though meant for travelers, it’s a viable option for beginners who are not sure they want to pay the price for advanced lessons.

DigitalDialects’ Korean Language Classes Online

Although with a simplistic design, Digital Dialects’ online Korean classes are a good choice for those who want to supplement their vocabulary. It comprises basic notions like numbers, animals, vegetables, or days and months and makes learning fun by introducing games to test your knowledge. The platform also includes audio recordings which help with pronunciation and developing connections between the Korean alphabet and its phonetics.

learn korean online with digitaldialects

Digital Dialects also offers a vocabulary builder feature which allows users to enrich their Korean lexicon. However, it does not feature sentence building exercises or practical grammar lessons. This being said, Digital Dialects’ online Korean course is a good choice for learning different words and their pronunciation, but we would not recommend it as the only tool to use when learning even the basics.

Korean Courses by RocketLanguages

Rocket Languages allows you to learn Korean online with user-friendly tools, audio lessons, and a pronunciation tool that uses voice recognition to provide feedback. Matters like grammar, vocabulary, and speaking are efficiently covered by their online Korean course.

online korean course by rocketlanguages

What we liked the most about it was the accent it puts on the slight differences in Korean phonetics. Their “Hear It Say It!” tool plays back a random recording from their courses; Users can record themselves pronouncing the words and compare their recording with the one of a native speaker – a great tool that should be used by more Korean classes online.

PollyLingual’s Korean Language Online Course

PollyLingu.al makes learning Korean online easy by offering options regarding your knowledge and your desired outcome: You can choose your current level between beginner and intermediate for in-depth understanding and knowledge, which includes assistance from a Polly Ambassador – a native speaker who assists you while learning – at no cost. A Polly Passport subscription will also give you access to premium lessons and other advanced options.

options for pollylingu.al's korean language learning

However, the cool part is you can also choose the special travel option which includes greetings, social norms, common street signs, and basic communication skills for shopping, ordering in a restaurant, or asking directions – which can be very useful if you want to learn Korean online in a short amount of time.

Wespeke’s Learn Korean Online Class

Wespeke’s Korean language classes use social networking to make Korean language learning fun and interesting. The platform connects native speakers with people who are eager to learn Korean online and integrates text, video, and audio files which ease the learning process. There are many others that do the same, but unlike them, Wespeke is  free.learn korean online with wespeke

The platform uses text and video chatting to create an interactive learning experience. For a modest price that depends on the amplitude of a lesson, learners can also choose a guided language learning experience based on courses created by specialists in linguistics and native speakers. In addition, the platform also offers a personalized notebook you can fill in with notions you feel are relevant to your learning experience.

Korean Learning with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a complete Korean language learning solution. Their web version is the most comprehensive, offering 24 months of unlimited access to immersive materials and exercises that are bound to make you a fluent Korean speaker. In addition, you receive access to their mobile app which promises natural and intuitive learning with no memorization or translation required.

The price for a 2-year subscription is $249 – which might seem a bit much until you hear what it features: This revolutionary online Korean course includes basics of pronunciation, reading, listening, and writing in Korean, greetings, shopping, socializing, vacationing, and other common activities. In addition, their speech-recognition software is a one-of-a-kind tool that will correct even your most subtle speaking flaws.

rosetta stone online korean course benefits

Rosetta Stone’s Korean classes also include information on the countries’ cultures, religions, and traditions – knowledge that is much appreciated when visiting North or South Korea, or when meeting a business partner or friend from these Asian countries.

Our Top Pick: Learn Korean with VerbalPlanet

Verbal Planet is our favorite choice for learning a new language. The platform connects learners with native speakers worldwide to provide the best online learning experience you could ask for. It does come with a price, though – at the moment of writing, Korean tutors with a 100% approval rating charged between $20 and $30 for a 45-minute lesson. However, they do offer a free trial lesson for you to see if you are compatible with them, and for them to better understand your learning style and expectations.

Every lesson is personalized according to your needs and knowledge level. The conversation takes place via Skype, which makes it convenient for desktop, laptop, and mobile users. Your tutor will provide reliable learning materials and support during every step. If you are serious about learning Korean language but aren’t the self-taught type, Verbal Planet’s classes are the right choice.verbalplanet's learn korean online course

Although Verbal Planet’s course is out top pick, the most suitable Korean class for you depends on how serious you are about it and your learning style. If you are not sure how dedicated you are to learning Korean or it’s just a hobby, you can start by trying out our free recommendations to learn Korean online and see how it goes.

Links to the courses mentioned in this article:


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