7 Best Learn Mandarin Apps and Resources

Most people will shrug at the thought that they should learn Mandarin. That may be because very few are aware of how easy Mandarin Chinese really is. We’ll give you this: we know that with Mandarin Chinese there are no familiar linguistic roots to fall back on. Nonetheless, practice makes perfect and if you are really invested in learning this language, all you need to do is pay attention.

Spoken language was made to facilitate the active dialogue between people. Whether you’re considering learning Mandarin to boost your business, to make your job or university application stand out or simply because it’s an exotic and intriguing language to know, take a deep breath and start learning today with a learn Mandarin app.

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Learn Mandarin App Options

1. Anki

Price: Free.

Anki is an extraordinary app for learning Mandarin Chinese. It is essentially an effective flashcard program which is open-source, works across platforms and is free (for Android OS users). If your goal is to solidify your vocabulary, this is one of the best learn Mandarin apps to ease your way into achieving this goal.

Build your vocabulary on the go and make good use of Anki’s spaced repetition program. This feature is designed to help you memorize new words more easily. It is a great on-the-go learning app for those at the beginning of the journey as well as for more advanced Mandarin Chinese learners. Either download the flashcard stacks readily provided by the Anki team or create your own stack. Your vocabulary and pronunciation will considerably improve.

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2. Hello Chinese

Price: Free. There is also a Premium version starting $6.99.

Hello Chinese is a great learn Mandarin app for beginners. It’s a game based learning app which makes learning fun and easy. You will learn Pinyin, vocabulary, grammar, and character stroke order in an interactive way.

The first lessons are focused on pronunciation, and each lesson comes with a few stages you must complete in order to open up the next steps. There’s also speech recognition that corrects your pronunciation so that you learn how to speak Chinese correctly.  As for handwriting, it is specially designed to ensure you learn the language at a faster rate.

And just because it’s an app it doesn’t mean you always need an internet connection to run it. Hello Chinese allows for online learning. Once you’ve downloaded a course, you are not required to have an internet connection. You can also track your progress across multiple devices.

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3. FluentU

Price: Free. There’s also a Premium version available available as a monthly or early subscription starting $29.99.

FluentU is an app that will help you discover what the best way to learn Mandarin is for you. Forget the conventional flashcard decks. FluentU has a novel way to make you warm up to Mandarin Chinese: an extraordinary collection of Chinese videos. Commercials, talks, interviews, news, music video, movie trailers, you name it.

Without the Mandarin and English subtitles,these videos wouldn’t probably catch your attention except for their real-life quality and super entertaining filming. With FluentU, all these videos become part of a personalized language learning experience. The once dreadful thought of picking up Mandarin Chinese become a backdrop to the engaging learning experience.

Due to the extensive collection of video content, it’s impossible to not find the best match for your skill level, your personal interests, and ideal learning style.

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4. Skritter

Price: Free in the first week. Then, if the learning Mandarin app got you hooked, know that the monthly fee is 14.99 dollars while the yearly fee is 99.99 dollars.

Skritter’s unique feature is that it offers Mandarin learners the opportunity to learn Chinese characters. We don’t mean just learning how they look and how to read them, but really learning to write them yourself.

Skritter users are delighted with this unique opportunity. Learn Mandarin online free even from Chinese websites using these specific characters with the help of Skritter. Thus, if you want to take Mandarin learning to the next level, this may be the app to learn Mandarin Chinese characters.

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5. Memrise: Learn a New Language

Price: Free. There’s also a Pro version for $8.93 per month.

Memrise is a community platform for learning over 80 languages. The courses on Memrise are created by a team of linguists and language specialists. It’s a fun learn Mandarin app, useful in learning and memorizing new vocabulary.

Sign in, follow other users, take courses, and compete with friends. The app also features a SRS system that helps you remember words by using mnemorics and visuals. There’s also a variety of games such as Listening Skills, Classic Review, Speed Review, and Difficult Words that help you learn and practice the language.

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Other Resources

1. Learn Mandarin with LearnChineseez.com

Learnchineseez.com is the easy way to dive right into the basics of pronunciation and Mandarin Chinese vocabulary. The Mandarin lessons were designed to simplify the process of learning. By providing practical vocabulary in addition to basic conversation lines, the team behind Learnchineseez.com wishes you to build a solid foundation.

Each of the words or phrases is accompanied by an audio sample. Don’t fret if you can’t pin down the right pronunciation at first. The more you practice, the more your ability to recognize as well as reproduce Mandarin will develop. If you wish to take these lessons with you and learn Mandarin on-the-go, you can also download all the audio files.

2. Learn Mandarin with LearnMandarinNow.com

LeanMandarinNow.com is certainly one of the best answers to your ‘How to learn Mandarin?’ question. Of course, that may depend on the type of learner you are and the learning method you enjoy most. While there is not one silver bullet method to learn any language, the impressive collection of Mandarin Chinese learning materials on learnmandarinnow.com is certainly inching close.

An extensive collection of podcasts, each explained in their own dedicated blog posts and following a certain theme makes learning Mandarin a breeze. You don’t only get to build your vocabulary on a certain theme, but your pronunciation and sense of the language all at once.

Final Thoughts

How long does it take to conquer Mandarin? There is no set-in-stone answer to this question. Yet, if you are passionate and determined and keep practicing, you can definitely pin down the basics in two to three months.

We wish you the best of luck if you choose to use a learn Mandarin app from our list. Once you pick up learning, the most difficult of the steps has already been taken. Let your interest be your fuel!

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