Marketing Classes to Consider for a Successful Career

Do you want to learn the basic principles of marketing? Would you like to start a career in marketing, but you don’t have enough time to actually attend a class in university? Luckily, you now have the possibility of taking some marketing classes online. The selection that you can find is quite impressive, ranging from some basic marketing information to more specific marketing topics. Because we want to help you decide, we thought we’d look at a couple of choices together. Let’s begin!

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Marketing Classes That You Should Consider

1. Introduction to Marketing by the University of Pennsylvania

This is one of the best marketing classes one could hope for online. You can find it on the Coursera website, and it comes from the famous Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. The class is taught by 3 marketing specialists, all of whom actually teach at Wharton. As the name of the course suggests, you will learn about the basics of marketing. However, it will especially focus on customer loyalty.

As such, you will learn how to keep customers interested by being dynamic, how to focus on the customer’s desires and needs, and how to understand what influences customers and how to implement that for your benefit. This course will last a total of 5 weeks, during which you are expected to work 4 to 6 hours per week. In order to pass, you have to complete all of the assignments, and you will get a certification at the end.

2. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory by the University of Illinois

Another great marketing class that has the benefit of highly trained and proficient teachers is the one offered by the University of Illinois. You will learn about theory and strategy regarding marketing analytics. Kevin Hartman, who is the Head of Industry at Google, will teach you how to use data analytics in the real world. This course is part of a larger Digital Marketing Specialization, but you can also take it as such, if this is the only thing that interests you. It lasts for 4 weeks and you will have to work between 8 and 10 hours every week.

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3. Marketing Strategy by eCornell

If you are looking for more extensive marketing classes, then we advise you to take a look at this one taught by Dr. Doug Stayman from Johnson Graduate School of Management. It lasts for 3 months and a half and you have to invest between 5 and 7 hours in each course. This class will teach you an MBA-level marketing strategy and how to apply it to your business. It will tell you everything you need to know about targeting, segmentation, and positioning, and about how to take pricing related decisions.

Moreover, you will learn how to use marketing research data and how consumers respond to your specific brand. You will become familiar with the most important marketing channels and you will know how to use them for your benefit, as well as learning how to use social media properly. After completing the class, you will get a Certificate in Marketing Strategy especially provided by the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management that you can find at Cornell University.

4. Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification by Hubspot

If you are interested in the field of marketing, then you’ve probably already heard of Hubspot, since it is one of its pioneers. If you want a career in digital marketing or you are interested in the social media industry, you will definitely be happy with this choice. You will learn more about content marketing by watching the videos that make up this class. There are 11 classes that you have to attend, and a series of assignments that you have to complete as well. If you are interested in extra practice, you can choose some more homework exercises as well. At the end of the class, you will have to take an exam, after which you will get your certificate.

5. Diploma in Social Media Marketing by Alison

If you are one of those people who are looking for marketing classes that rely a lot on understanding how to use social media, we suggest you take a look at this one. Since people all over the world now use social media for marketing purposes, you should know the basic concepts of social media marketing and how to apply them. This class will teach you how to put together a really great social media strategy to promote your business. Some examples of things you will learn if you decide to take this class are: how to use Twitter, Facebook, blogging, podcasting, and email marketing to get customers to notice you and to establish a brand. If you go through all the modules and finish all the assignments, you will get a certification as well.

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6. Digital Marketing Course by Google

You know that when it comes to Google, the quality will be worth your time. However, if you want to convince yourself of how great this class is, we are here to provide you with some information about it. First of all, the course is designed to help you shape your marketing strategy and understand how AdWords works. You can learn at your own pace and choose whether you want to take the exams to get the Google AdWords Certification or not.

We advise you do that, since this certification is recognized all over the world as a symbol of AdWords knowledge. There are two exams that you have to take. The first one is the AdWords Fundamentals, and the second one is up to you. You can choose from Video Advertising, Display Advertising, Search Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Advertising.

7. Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course by udemy

Finally, we would like to end our list of marketing classes with this one coming from udemy. Why do we think this is a great option? Well, because it teaches you how to implement your marketing strategy without paying any money. It might sound too good to be true, but it is a fact. The course is open for everybody, from people who already have some amount of experience in the field, to people who are just starting their journey.

The class relies on videos, animations, and illustrations that will teach you how to adapt your marketing strategy for it not to cost you a thing. You will learn about specific tools and how they work, you will analyze the pros and cons of a zero cost marketing strategy, and you will talk about the myths surrounding this concept. Even better yet, you have access to it anytime you want, and you can even view it on your smartphone. After you complete the class, your work will also be certified.

Summing Everything Up

There are plenty of marketing classes out there that will suit you no matter if you are a beginner or someone who is already marketing-savvy. If you want to have a career in marketing, or you simply want to know how to get your business running and attract customers, looking into some marketing classes is a great idea. Why not start by exploring the options above and deciding which one is the best for you?

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