How to Obtain Medical Assistant Certification Online: 5 Courses

In the flourishing medical industry, potential employees need diverse and affordable training. The internet holds many options for medical assistant certification students. Well-rounded programs featuring training in communication and customer service skills as well as hands-on clinical skills add weight to an applicant’s resume and cultivate confidence in a new workforce of medical assistants. With the convenience of online studying, students can get started today!

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5 Medical Assistant Certification Online Options

Medical Office Assistant Training with Ashworth College

The medical assistant certification online options at Ashworth College include up-front tuition that covers the price of materials and the certification exam at the end of the program. Students attending the medical assistant program prepare for the National Healthcareer Association’s (NHA’s) Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam.

In addition to no hidden fees, Ashworth College’s medical assisting course has been “revised and features the most up-to-date information regarding HIPAA regulations, the Affordable Care Act.” Like other online college offerings, the program runs at the student’s pace, and students can complete requirements and coursework in as little as four months depending on study habits and academic dedication. The online learning environment presents students with virtual field trips and enhanced multimedia to aid in learning skills necessary for entry into the medical field.

Ashworth College’s certification program is not eligible for federal financial aid, but students have monthly payment options for the $659-$799 program.

For additional information on the curriculum and a medical assistant job outlook, please visit Ashworth College.

Online Medical Assistant School at US Career Institute

Courses for the medical assistant certification online program with the US Career Institute are 100 percent online with interactive learning environments. Students work at their own pace. The structure of the online program gives self-motivated students the opportunity to graduate in as little as four months.

Unlike traditional college programs, the US Career Institute’s medical assistant course teaches skills related to medical records, office safety and simple medical procedures in digestible units. Each unit brings students closer to preparing for the NHA’s CMAA certification exam. Without semesters and credit hours, students can enroll and begin their journeys immediately.

Although the medical assistant certification online program does not qualify for federal aid options, the US Career Institute offers financing. The cost of the medical assistant training course runs between $979 and $1279 depending on the chosen monthly payment plan. There are no extra fees during attendance, but US Career Institute charges $15 to request an official transcript.

To get a look at the unit-based curriculum and financing options, visit US Career Institute.

Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate from Grantham University

Grantham University begins classes on a weekly basis, making the transition into higher education swift and convenient. According to the college, Grantham’s medical administrative assistant program provides “a solid foundation in basic medical office functions, financial procedures, and risk management.” In addition to medical terminology and medical systems skills, students have access to ATI Testing and CMAA preparation materials through the online learning platform.

The medical assistant certification online through Grantham University totals $4,505 for 17 credit hours at $265 each. There are also extra fees such as a $45 technology fee per term, $100 graduation fee, and miscellaneous others.

Online certificate programs with Grantham University do not qualify for federal financial aid, but students can pay for their education in installments with financing options. The college also accepts students who qualify for assistance through their employers or military tuition discount programs.

Visit Grantham University to find out more.

Medical Assistant Program at Herzing University

Students hoping to gain a medical assistant certification online also have opportunities with Herzing University. The college offers diplomas in medical assisting services and office administration. Both programs balance online convenience with learning objectives for office skills and hands-on medical requirements such as clinical hours.

An externship is required to complete Herzing’s program, and graduating students may be eligible for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) certification exam from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Students must qualify based on the accreditation of their particular location.

Herzing University has a traditional college structure built upon a credit hour billing system. The medical assistant program requires 43 credit hours to complete, and students scheduling 12-15 credit hours per term can expect to pay approximately $6,280. For students and programs that qualify, Herzing University accepts federal financial aid options.

To research the university’s offerings, please visiting Herzing University.

Medical Assistant Certificate Program with Kaplan University

Kaplan University’s medical assistant certification online program gives students the convenience to attend classes in an online learning environment with frequent start dates. The program requires an externship and clinic hours at pre-approved medical facilities to evaluate and strengthen communication and other medical skills in the field.

According to the curriculum on Kaplan University’s website, students can expect to study and gain skills in medical terminology, pharmacology, office management and professionalism courses. For certification, “students will be evaluated on the performance of expected competencies, including a practice credentialing exam” to complete the program.

The entire medical assistant certification online program with Kaplan University costs $21,147 for 57 credit hours. Other fees include a $45 application fee, a $100 assessment per course and a $295 technology fee per term. To help the cost of tuition, federal aid options (such as Pell Grant and federal student loans) are available for students who qualify.

For more information, do visit Kaplan University.

Online medical assistant certification offerings from multiple colleges have similarities and differences in curriculum, types of certifications, and tuition, and the best way for potential students to chose the best option is to compare and contrast with a list of similar points.

What experiences have you had with online medical assistant courses? Please feel free to comment and share ideas on the schools presented and the possibilities of medical assistant training!