Get Your Online Animal Behavior Degree with These Options

An online animal behavior degree opens up many career paths. But that variety of choices can make it somewhat difficult at times. One doesn’t simply need to consider the degree. One also needs to consider exactly what the professional end goal is.

In this list we’ll help narrow down the options by considering some of the best degree programs. It will use graduation with an animal behavior degree as the primary metric. But we’ll also look at other factors.

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7. Wildlife Ecology and Management

Utah State’s Wildlife Ecology and Management scores somewhat lower for a few reasons. The first is that one should consider it as part of a larger animal behavior degree plan. Rather than the entirety of it. As part of a university program the costs are also unpredictable but high.

That said, it presents some very important benefits for students. It helps to broaden a student’s understanding of how environment influences behavior. The course helps to remind students of how much goes into an animal’s behavior. Often times environment contributes just as much as biology.

This makes it a online animal behavior degree option for specific students. A student who’s looking to broaden an existing educational base can expect the most benefit.
Certificate: Part of a B.S. program.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: Variable depending on a number of different factors.

6. Animal Behavior

Animal behavior is another course that works best as an additional option. It’s best used as additional material for an existing degree path. But if one does so, it can provide some very useful material. It’s an online animal behavior degree option to build upon.

It frames animal behavior from an evolutionary perspective. This viewpoint gives students a chance to see how behaviors reflect environmental necessity. Another benefit of the course comes from lack of prerequisites. There’s no need for particular educational prerequisites before taking the class.

As such, it can also serve as a good way of getting some familiarity with the subject. For example, taking it before deciding on a strict educational path to a particular degree.
Certificate: Certificate of completion.
Exam: No.
Cost: $50.

5. Studying mammals: The social climbers

The social climbers scores somewhat lower as it’s best used as part of an existing educational plan. But if one needs to work with primates than it’s a valuable addition. Primates have behaviors and psychological considerations which need special consideration. As such having a course focusing on them can offer up some unique advantages.

The course looks at both the psychology and neurology behind primate behaviors. And it goes into special detail when looking at unique social structures within primate groups. The low cost in particular also makes it an appealing option for students.

It’s among the best online animal behavior degree options for continuing students. Those who want to add to an existing educational structure in order to get the most out of it.
Certificate: Statement of participation.
Exam: No.
Cost: Free.

4. People and Other Animals

People and Other Animals is part of MIT’s opencourseware series. As such, it’s supplementary to a degree path rather than the entirety of it. This brings the benefit of lowered costs.

One can take the course free of charge. But this also means that there’s no official college credit. This makes it only applicable for people who want to add it to an existing animal degree program path.

The course gives students a view of how animal and human behaviors intersect. This makes it a useful addition for students that intend to work directly with animals. Other course options often lack this closer examination of human interaction.
Certificate: No, it’s supplementary to a degree path.
Exam: No.
Cost: Free.

3. Applied Animal Behavior

Applied Animal Behavior comes in two different formats. People can take it as a credited option to a full degree. Or one can take it for a lesser fee as an uncredited option. The main difference between the options simply comes down to price. And this versatility is what pushes it higher up on the list.

The courses total duration comes in at around 9 months. And one can complete it at one’s own schedule. One particularly noteworthy part of the program involves root causes.

The course doesn’t just look at specific behaviors. It also examines the underlying causes of those behaviors. This creates a much broader view of animal behavior than other courses might provide.
Certificate: Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $2,925 uncredited or $3,393 credited.

2. B.S. in Animal Behavior Online

The University of New England’s animal behavior program provides a unique experience. It’s designed around an interdisciplinary model which educates students on multiple fronts. This makes it an ideal program for people who want a broader grasp of the subject.

It’s also a good online animal behavior degree option for people who want to personally tailor it. The course can fit into both a major and a minor. And this provides an extra level of versatility. However, as a full university course there are some other elements to consider.

The program’s cost is the most significant issue. It’s highly variable due to the nature of a university system. As such one needs to factor in additional elements. This includes prerequisites, transfer credits, scholarships and similar items. But this university system also makes it ideal for students who want to work on an advanced degree.
Certificate: End goal of B.S.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: Variable depending on full course load.

1. B.S. in Animal Behavior

Carroll University’s animal behavior program is one of the most extensive on this list. To begin, one should take note of the cost. As a full university program the overall price is difficult to estimate. It’s influenced by scholarships, transfer credits and other associated factors.

However, it’s also among the best options for people looking at more advanced career goals. It’s an online animal behavior degree course which one can easily build upon. One can use the class to jump into almost any associated career. Or one can continue on with it into a masters program.

The program is especially notable for a heavy emphasis on science. One will gain full understanding of the ways a brain and nervous system contribute to animal behavior.
Certificate: End goal of B.S.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: Variable depending on full course load.

Summing Up

One can see that there’s a lot to consider. The most important points are whether an option provides a full path to a degree or not. Some of the options provide specialization which opens up new career options on graduation. As such, mixing and matching options can produce the best results.

This is also why it’s important to share one’s experiences. Anyone who’s used these programs can share tips and experiences to help others on their path.

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