Top 10 Online AP Courses for Students

One of the best ways to increase your AP scores is by taking online courses. There are a variety of online courses available – some even free – that can help you improve your knowledge and increase your score. Online AP courses are meant to mimic the type of material you would experience in an in-person course. By the end of the online AP course, you should be prepared for the exam. Below, you have an overview of the top 10 options you can choose from.

Best Online AP Courses

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You can find plenty of great online courses that focus entirely on different AP subjects. From history to English, you will easily be able to find a course that best fits your needs. These ten courses are considered the best online AP courses for students.

1. University of California Scout Program

This course is offered through the Scout program at the University of California. This is one of the cheaper online course options available, with a discount offered for California students and residents. The course focuses on preparing for the AP exam and comes with a variety of useful materials. The lessons are offered on a variety of multimedia and include readings, videos and more. At the end of the course, there is an exam workshop which focuses on study techniques and test-taking strategies. You can even take practice AP exams, the perfect tool for getting a perfect school.

2. The Florida Virtual School

The Florida Virtual School offers multiple types of online AP courses, including art history, human geography, psychology and more. Each course is tailored towards the specific content, so you will get a unique learning experience with each new course. Class content is not overly difficult, yet does a thorough job in preparing students for the AP exam. One of the best aspects of these courses is that they are overseen by teachers, which can be reached whenever you have questions or need help with the course.

3. Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

This course is known to have a wealth of information and does a thorough and sufficient job of preparing any student for the AP exam. In fact, many students who took this course felt they were very well prepared prior to the exam. The format of this course is very similar to an in-person class, with reading and learning materials followed by tests and assignments, which are graded.

4. Apex Learning

Apex Learning is considered one of the best options when you want to learn both online and in-person. With the AP biology course, students will attend in-person labs and work on virtual material. This can be a huge advantage in the science fields – such as biology and physics – as most online courses don’t offer an in-person component. Previous students have warned that this course is heavy on reading material, though all of the material will help improve exam scores.

5. ChemAdvantage

Math and science exams are considered some of the hardest to pass, with many students not even attempting them. However, online AP courses can be a great way to learn the material you need to ace the exam. The best part of this course is that all students are mailed an in-home lab kit, which includes all the lab components needed to finish the course.

The ChemAdvantage course is backed by two live instructors, which can answer any question that you may have during your studies. While the course is considered demanding, students have agreed that it thoroughly prepares them for the exam. There are even free resources available that explain common exam problems and student questions.

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6. Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

Don’t let the name fool you, homeschoolers in any state can take advantage of these courses. All of the courses offered through PA Homeschoolers are very well reviewed and come highly recommended. Not only do students feel prepared for the AP exam, they also learn the information, instead of simple memorization.

AP history and AP English are two of the most popular courses on the site, offering up a wide variety of reading material in several different media formats. This website also offers one of the only environmental science courses that effectively teaches the materials. If you’re looking for quality online AP courses, this is the website to check out.

7. Laurel Springs School

This school offers a huge range of courses and cover many different topics. Courses are available all the way from those in preschool to those getting ready to graduate high school. All of the AP courses come highly recommended by those who have taken them. For students in grades 11 and 12, you can take a variety of courses that will prepare for you the AP exams. AP English is one of the more popular courses, focuses on both language and literature.

8. Connections Academy

This school is designed for high school students that want to get a jump on their education. These classes can help prepare you for an upcoming AP exam, or even supplement a course you are currently taking in-person. Getting better exam scores can lead to a competitive advantage during the college application process. One of the best things about these courses is that they are online AP courses that are approved by College Board, the organization that creates and disperses the AP exams.

9. Northwestern University

Northwestern University has a Center for Talent Development, which focuses on preparing high school students for AP exams in a variety of subjects. While the curriculum is rigorous, students who have taken the course say they felt prepared for the exam. Students in grades nine through twelve can take AP courses focusing on English, foreign languages, science, mathematics and more. Teachers are available through each course, allowing students to get feedback on assignments and ask any questions.

10. K12

K12 is an online school that offers courses for students as young as age five. The online AP courses are considered some of the best for preparing students for the exam. These courses are designed to give students all of the resources they will need to excel on the exams or improve on a previous score. Courses are offered in English, history, calculus, biology and many more subjects. This school recommends that you have a strong interest in the subject before enrolling in a course.

Online AP courses can be a great way to excel on your exams and get ahead in college. These courses are all designed to help students be successful, all without having to leave home. Let us know what course you chose to go with!