Choosing Your Online Hunter Safety Course – 4 Options

Online hunter safety courses are available in the United States on a state-by-state basis through programs coordinated with different agencies at the state level. Online course providers are affiliated and linked with wildlife agencies that manage hunting and recreational activities within a state.

An online hunter safety course allows prospective hunters to progress at a leisurely pace as well as complete their state’s certification requirements, test, participate in a field day (if required) and gain a hunter safety certificate without conflicts and time away from other activities and commitments. Online coursework is obviously a more convenient means of completing a hunter safety course as opposed to a traditional classroom setting that can last for several hours to the better part of a day, or longer.

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With almost every state requiring mandatory hunter safety education, an online course is one way to obtain the necessary training. Most states follow a two-step program that includes safety certification and fulfillment of other requirements. Once an approved course is successfully completed, a safety certificate or card is issued, which is often accepted by other states.

Online Hunter Safety Course – Top 4 to Attend

Current online hunter safety courses usually offer potential students instructional materials in varying formats, which include the study of important laws, regulations, game identification, and the safe, responsible handling of firearms. Since most departments within a state that direct hunter safety concerns have different guidelines, online course materials are adjusted to coordinate with state regulations. Those top online courses that incorporate those standards include:

1. Today’s Hunter/Hunter-ed

Many state hunting and wildlife departments use Today’s Hunter as their official online hunter education course, which offers both online and classroom instruction. Their online education series is accessed through and is the approved online course for a number of states. Hunter-ed has worked with the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) along with over 45 state agencies and industry affiliates to design and produce an online hunter safety course that is precise, motivating and understandable, plus they exclusively provide print materials for governmental agencies in charge of hunting laws and regulations.

The course presentation includes videos combined with informative and entertaining stories, updated hunting situations, and effective presentations on how to acquire safe hunting applications. The course can be completed all at once or a little at a time and progress can be saved and tracked. It is a $15 course and is paid only when the final exam is passed (two exam attempts). Depending on the state, once the exam is passed, there may be a requirement to attend a Field Day to complete hunting safety certification.

2. HUNTERcourse

HUNTERcourse is another leading hunter education provider throughout North America and Canada. Their online hunter safety course helps prospective hunters meet compulsory education requirements in their state or province. The course has a study guide that is fully narrated with easily understood explanations and instructions that are interactive.

Animations, detailed illustrations, hunting-related visual exercises and an online shooting range make the course easy for all learners, particularly visual learners. Test preparation for quizzes and exams is also provided as well as a free hunter safety study guide and a treestand safety course.

The course cost is $29 with a follow-up class with additional training, hands-on activities, and a final written exam. Those who complete the course will receive a safety certificate or card that may be recognized by other states.

3. Hunter Ed Course

Hunter Ed Course was developed in partnership with State Hunter Ed administrators throughout the country. The online hunter safety course is fully narrated with closed captioning along with informative and instructive photos, interactive applications and animations. There are practice quizzes following each chapter that aid in exam prep at the conclusion of the course. The quizzes and final hunter safety exam can be taken as often as necessary to supplement learning.

The course is $13 but is only charged if the course is passed. If there is a state requirement for a concluding field experience, a voucher completion can be printed off and presented to the field instructor. If there is no requirement, a completion certificate can be printed and hunting will be allowed.

Hunter Ed Course believes so emphatically in its online teaching approaches and course materials that they will refund the entire course fee if a potential hunter is not able to pass the quizzes and final exam with a score of 80 percent or better.

4. Besafehunter

Besafehunter defines its online program as one that helps hunters to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to become a safe and responsible hunter. Its online hunter safety course is fully narrated and is approved by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA). The course emphasizes what would be learned in a traditional classroom with an instructor and includes the field and range experiences as well. There are also instructional videos available to users with the latest hunting procedures for upcoming hunting seasons.

The program is free for Florida residents and has a $9.95 fee only when you pass the final exam. A certificate of completion is issued once the examination is completed, and the certificate is recognized in almost every state. Hunters do need to check with their state’s hunter safety requirements ahead of time to see if the certification is valid in their state(s).

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An online hunter safety course offers the advantages of an actual classroom experience through instructional videos, print and illustrated content, interactive learning and games along with the fundamentals and techniques of hunting, firearm and ammunition concerns, wildlife recognition, safety and first aid essentials, environmental and conservation issues, hunting rules and regulations, as well as direct access to final testing and hunter safety certification.

Many online hunter safety courses are adaptable for use with smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. This flexible form of coursework could not have been better timed for those who want to participate in hunter safety programs but have not had the time to access traditional course programs. Doors have been opened to those who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to learn skills and enjoy outdoor hunting activities.

Anyone interested in acquiring hunter safety certification through online hunter safety courses should be looking at what online courses have to offer. The sites are easy to navigate, provide direct connection to a selected state and include specifications for certification, fees, age restrictions, course structure, content features and other information.

Picture yourself and even your friends becoming a card carrying hunter safety experts, but before acquiring bragging rights, be sure and check for the safety and certification requirements of your state so you can complete an online course without complications or conflicts.