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A quick search will render a multitude of results for the iMovie tutorial you may be looking for. We rounded up some of the best tutorials for iMovie. Let’s start by explaining what iMovie is.

iMovie is Apple’s video editing software designed for iOS and Mac. First released in 1999, the video editing application is intended for both amateur and professional users. Now available on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and Mac, the iMovie application is used by Apple users worldwide.

In a nutshell, iMovie tutorials will walk you through all the steps of video editing that can be performed using Apple’s video-editing application. The best thing about using any iMovie tutorial is that you can learn not only the basic and advanced steps for editing clips, adding background tracks or images, but also how to work from different devices.

Choose the best iMovie tutorial for you, create your videos and share the results with you friends, family and the wide world.

imovie editor explained in imovie tutorial

How many versions of iMovie are there?

Since its release in 1999, iMovie has been constantly updated to include more and more features. An increasing number of users enjoy the friendly and intuitive editing options. All in all, there are 15 iMovie versions.

Nonetheless, most aren’t used anymore as the past years’ updates have brought significant changes and exciting new features. The latest iMovie version is 2016’s iMovie 10.1.1. The latest version bumped up the previous while fixing some of the most pressing issues and bugs reported by users.

iMovie tutorials

iMovie tutorials vary greatly in accordance with your needs and preferences. One can find an iMovie tutorial for beginners or advanced. In addition, there are video tutorials (the top preference), pdf tutorials and tutorials or useful comments sections hosted by websites and forums.

We rounded up the best of each for using iMovie on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or all three of them.

1.      Websites Featuring iMovie tutorials

  • The Apple supported website for the latest iMovie version is without a doubt the best place to start. Begin with the Apple iMovie page and work your way to support forums that go in great detail to explain how iMovie works and how to create exciting videos. Here you’ll find an iMovie 10 tutorial which has an introduction role for the capabilities of iMovie on iPhone. Switching to the iMovie for Mac page will reveal more features and finishing touches in the iMovie for Mac tutorial.
  • Dreamsyncapp is another helpful resource when it comes to iMovie tutorials. You will find the basics of an Apple iMovie tutorial explained in great detail. This website presents an iMovie editing tutorial available for the 2015 and 2016 versions of the Apple video-editing application. Complete with screenshots and detailed captions, the iMovie app tutorial teaches beginner level users the basics on importing clips in iMovie, adding transitions, titles and backgrounds, adding sound, tweaking tones, hues and saturation, adding video effects, sound effects and fixing the speed. This tutorial for iMovie is accompanied by many other useful tips and tricks related to iMovie. Scroll through suggestions and recommendations and you may find exactly the iMovie iOS tutorial or iMovie tutorial for Mac you have been looking for.
  • iMovie tutorial clip prepared for editing with iMovie
  • Eric Timmer’s website is a fantastic resource to find video editing tips and tricks for iMovie. More specifically, you can start with the new iMovie tutorial based on the latest 10.1 iOS version in perfect sync with the iMovie for Mac. The tutorial iMovie features both a detailed written ‘how to’ section and a YouTube iMovie tutorial. Eric Timmer targeted beginners looking to expand their iMovie skills. The same website has a wealth of other posts tackling special features, syncing and special effects for both beginners and advanced.
  • This page also offers a very detailed look at how to use iMovie to create movie trailers or full-fledged movies. You can find everything from importing clips, editing videos, adding effects and working with different layouts and formats for the type of project you intend to work on.
  • Last but not least, we would like to draw your attention to the Apple support page. In the iMovie section you will find any iMovie tutorial stripped down to the basics, troubleshooting tips and many more. Depending on the iOS or Mac version you are using, you’re probably also more inclined to use different iMovie versions too. Work your way down from the latest iMovie tutorial to a less recent one such as the iMovie 11 tutorial or iMovie 09 tutorial.

2.      iMovie Video Tutorials

If you’re looking for a good iMovie video tutorial, the best place to go to is YouTube. A number of power users have presented their skills in a concise, uncluttered manner, demonstrating exactly how to use iMovie on iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Refining your video production with iMovie is best achieved on your Mac. For this reason, most of the iMovie tutorials you’ll find are tailored for Mac. Nonetheless, the basics apply to any iMovie iPhone tutorial or iMovie for iPad tutorial.

Here are our top choice YouTube tutorials for iMovie:

  • David A. Cox’s Youtube channel features an astonishing collection of iMovie tutorials. The iMovie 2016 tutorial offers close to one hour of beginner level tips and tricks on creating the perfect video project. Listen, watch and take all the cues you need. The iMovie trailer tutorial may be exactly what you need to create an exciting short video announcing a later production. If you’re still working with older versions of the video editing and creation software, you’ll find older tutorials like iMovie tutorial 2014 or iMovie tutorial 2015.
  • isn’t a YouTube channel. Nonetheless, it deserves a special spot in this section dedicated to iMovie video tutorials. At first glance, one might be overwhelmed by the number of tutorials dedicated to the Apple video editing app. One of the strongest points of this resource is that each iMovie tutorial has the level of difficulty specified right beneath. This is a perfect resource for those of you who prefer using older versions of iMovie.

iMovie video on iPad

  • Eric Timmer also has a YouTube channel which may be easier to navigate than the website. Moreover, you can interact with Eric and other users and share your experiences with Apple’s video-editing software. Find out more about special features such as applying and editing voice over, successfully editing audio with iMovie, adding advanced level special effects and many more by accessing this channel. The videos aren’t too long. This channel has quick iMovie tutorial as well as lengthier ones.
  • The Technologyguru YouTube channel also features a large number of iMovie tutorials. The iMovie trailer tutorial is one of the best tutorials that shows you how to give your video that Hollywood shine and glamour.

Some of these websites and video channels offer additional guides on how to use the Apple video editing software. Keep an eye out for them if you need to have something written down step by step. Alternatively, turn to the Apple support page and online forums. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

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