Top 5 Online Statistics Course Options to Look Into

Statistics and probability are often a required part of a college degree program, or you may just want to sharpen up your statistical skills. An online statistics course is a brilliant opportunity no matter what your reason.

There are many areas of focus that different online statistics courses focus. You can select fundamental type classes that deal directly with basic probability and statistics or select options that concentrate on things like research data analysis, or survey sampling. Once you better understand some of the basic concepts of statistics and probability, then you can dive into a few specialized online statistic courses you may find engaging. Here are 5 interesting courses to look into.

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Choosing Your Online Statistics Course

Basic Statistics & Probability

If you have little or no experience with statistics, the best to start is with one of the number entry-level type online statistics courses. The format of this level of statistics is frequently referred to as elementary statistics and designated in many course listings as Introduction to Probability and Statistics. You’ll begin by learning how to count and then recognize random variables. It’s through an understanding of the tendencies of these variables that you will begin to appreciate the vast array of subject areas that can be analyzed using statistics and probability.

This is a great place to begin studying statistics since understanding different aspects of how probabilities are derived is a progressive type of study; each theory builds upon the next. Without a good foundation in basic statistics, many higher-level probability ideas will be too confusing to understand. You will get an idea of how statistical probabilities are derived, learn to interpret frequency distributions, plus graph these various correlations. Stanford University offers a self-paced highly accredited online statistics course suitable for any beginner.

Opinion Poll Statistics

There is a growing enthusiasm surrounding opinion polls, especially how statistics are used to analyze this data. Online statistics courses that deal with the assigning of projections and probabilities to certain events can be an interesting challenge. Polls are designed to test marketing trends for businesses to develop advertising strategies. With the recent boom in social media, public opinion polls are frequently launched just to test the sentiment on certain subjects important in our current culture.

There are political polls that gauge public sentiment towards elected officials. Then, there is the reverse of that ideology where legislators want to sample the feelings of normal citizens as they consider policy-making and campaign strategies. Anyone aspiring to pursue a career in government would benefit from a course in opinion poll statistical analysis where you will learn the concepts of understanding and interpreting polls.

Applied Statistics

Called applied statisticians, you can have a degree that concentrates on this aspect of statistics. An applied statistician will use a detailed comprehension of statistical methods in a range of areas. AP’s learn how to analyze data in areas like biology, economics, engineering, medicine, public health, psychology, marketing, and education.

Much of the raw data in these areas is essentially useless if it is not analyzed using correct statistical techniques. Here 4 examples of how applied statistics can be used in other fields:

  • Drug companies need to design experiments to provide statistical data for a new drug proposal.
  • An assortment of surveys is used to understand how best to implement public policy.
  • The natural sciences use applied statistics to properly assess laboratory experiments and the data from them.
  • The business and manufacturing industry make quality control decisions based on the data analysis.

Applied Statistics is an excellent course to help you understand how data is analyzed, plus a great idea if you want to work on statistical analysis in the public and private sector. Some universities over an outline statistics course where you can earn an applied statistics certificate from home.

Regression Model Statistics

Johns Hopkins University offers an excellent online statistics course as part of an extended learning objective. One very engaging option available when reviewing the course options on their class central website is regression model statistics. You will need to have already grasped the basic fundamental concepts of statistical probability since studying linear regression requires the knowledge to interpret frequency distributions.

The regression model theory educates participants concerning the knowledge about how outcomes relate to certain predictors, using linear assumptions. Data scientists regularly use regression models to understand why tendencies seem to adhere to a linear progression of events to help explain why things in science repeat themselves. The John Hopkins course, and other online statistic courses that focus on regression model theory, help students learn how to perfect their analysis of residuals as they relate to variables in probability.


The study of Biostatistics focuses on developing a better understanding of many biological functions. Using statistical analysis and probability, biostatisticians help ensure that safety precautions are met in the field of pharmacology helping to supply society with useful drugs to make people’s lives better. Through another division of Johns Hopkins University, the JHSPH-OPEN courseware, students and health professionals already employed in the medical field can sign up and complete their Introduction to Biostatistics online statistics course.

Biostatistics courses help determine how certain probabilities for health concerns might affect insurance agencies, the medical field, plus hospitals and urgent care facilities. Armed with the knowledge of how to better analyze an array of medical data, specialists in Biostatistics can assist marketing professionals and other professionals better utilize data to ensure quality control in the manufacture of medical cures for an array of health problems.

These are only five of a wide assortment of online statistic courses that can provide you with an introductory understanding of statistical probability, or help you expand your statistics knowledge. Many of the links to the specific courses offered by the institutions noted above will be able to direct you to a number of other similar options. Taking an online statistics course is a super way to learn about probabilities and add credits to your degree pursuits, or expand your understanding of how statistics are used to shape the world.