Top 8 Online Web Development Courses

An interesting aspect of getting into the web development field is that you can start today. Unlike other industries where it may be months or years to get training, you get comfortable in the web development industry within days.

However, the best place to get started is diving into an online web development course. These online web development courses will cover anything from general programming to daily developer practices. In this article, we will be going over the top eight online web development courses, helping you decide which one is right for you!

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8 Online Web Development Courses to Attend

1. Codecademy

Codecadamy is more than just a catchy name. This online development course helps beginners start using code through a number of self-guided tutorials. Plus, there is a monitored development environment program where you will be able to learn code such as CSS and HTML before learning more advanced coding language such as Python and Ruby on Rails.

While you’re checking out Codecademy, don’t miss out on their exclusive beginner programs Make a Website and HTML& CSS. Plus, they even offer large-scale coding programs for advanced learners such as Learn Ruby on Rails and the Ruby language tutorial.

2. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT is well-known as one of the best type of technical school in the nation. They offer the OpenCourseWare program to help new coders learn different types of mathematics, programming, development, and computer engineering.

When starting MIT OpenCourseware, try out the Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. It is a full-fledged course on what resources and materials you will need to get yourself started in programming. A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python is another great program to try, it allows for you to get more experience on more advancing coding language to help further develop your skills.

3. HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Rocks may not have the best interface or the most up-to-date articles, this web development course was created by Google to help all sorts of developers. So, no matter what kind of experience you may have, HTML5 is going to help you find a variety of different tutorials to help hone your coding skills.
Plus, don’t miss out on their Getting Started with CSS Shapes, which is a great intro to advanced CSS program that can help beginner coders learn more about the functionality of CSS.

4. Coursera

This site provides some of the best options for online web development courses. Coursera is very similar to MIT OpenCourseWare in which it offers a variety of online courses. However, Coursera offers many different online courses from universities and schools from around the world, for a small price. Every course that is offered has a beautiful interface and informational timeline to help keep you on track. They have a number of courses available today ranging in development, programming, and computer science to try.

One of Coursera’s best online beginner courses to program is called Programming for Everyone, from the University of Michigan. In the course, you will learn different coding languages, how to use Python, and the variety of general programming that can be applied throughout different areas of code.

5. Khan Academy

One of the most useful online web development courses is Khan Academy. They offer a variety of tutorials, with audio and interactive video options to help you learn to code with ease. However, they don’t just offer code, they go through a variety of different programs to help beginner and advanced web developers alike.

6. Coding Dojo Algorithm Prep

Beginner developers should be kept to learning programming algorithms to help with their web development, and that is where Coding Dojo Algorithm Prep comes into play. Coding Dojo helps beginner and advanced developers learn and sharpen their programming algorithm skills through a variety of online web development courses.
Plus, the Coding Dogo has a free Algorithm Training Platform that is perfect for those looking to build on their coding skills and learn more coding fundamentals. This platform also helps those seeking coding knowledge through instructional videos and interactive lessons to help solve different algorithm.

7. A List Apart

A List Apart is an informational web development course that offers a variety of online articles helping beginners learn different coding techniques, as well as design and user experience skill sets. So, if you are looking for a catch-up course or light reading on your favorite coding skills, A List Apart might be a great resource for you.

One of the premiere programs from A List Apart is Building Nonlinear Narratives for the Web. This program helps beginners learn about the modular properties of more modern websites and how to create content that flows freely. Also, they have a program called Reframing Accessibility for the Web that helps create user functionality with disabilities and how developers create more accessibility, no matter what type of user is at the other end.

8. Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla isn’t just another web browser, but also a great resource for any type of developer. The Mozilla Developer Network uses a variety of different tutorials, articles, and resources to help developers learn the best information on the web, as well as seeing real-life examples to help improve their skills. The many different topics Mozilla covers includes front-end languages, basic web introductions, as well as web optimization and performance.

Don’t miss out on their exclusive beginner program called Getting Started with the Web. This program is a great choice for beginner coders who want to learn more about how websites function. The program helps developers learn front-end technology such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Summing Up

No matter what your skill level, time commitment, or budget, there is a web development class out there for you. There are so many great options for online web development courses that can help you learn about this exciting and burgeoning field that there is no reason you should not get started today!

Have you taken an online web development course that isn’t on our list? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.