Top 8 Courses for Obtaining PMP Certification Online

A project management certification can open the doors for a wide variety of job positions and you can easily obtain your PMP certification online. Someone who has this certification can get a job as a project manager, account manager, supervisor, foreman, or an all-out business owner.

In choosing the best option, the prospective student will need to examine more than one category. The person will want to review the program costs, consumer reviews, special features and course lists. The following is an overview of the best eight options for PMP certification online. An interested person can review them and then make an educated decision about which one to use for personal growth.

8 PMP Certification Online Course Options

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Option for Low Cost: Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute has a wide variety of options for people who want to delve into the realm of honorable credentials. The institute offers a number of certifications for people who are in various stages of learning. Just a few of the courses that are available at this institute are PMP certification, PMP professional, Portfolio Managment Professional, Certified Associate in Project Mangement, PMI Agile Practitioner certification and more. The courses differ with the level of qualifications that the person must have. An interested person can become get PMP certification online and unlock his or her full potential.

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is a longstanding institution that offers an extensive line of advanced training opportunities. UOP offers many advantages for taking courses that its university has to offer. One benefit of using UOP is that the student can get credit for any training that he or she took before signing up with UOP. Students also can get advanced and up-to-date training and PMP certification online. They can provide the tools that employers desire when they hire new employees.

The 24-hour course availability is another reason that people flock to UOP for Furthermore, any student can try UOP courses and receive a refund if they are not happy within the first three weeks. In other words, there is nothing to lose by going to school at the UOP.

Villanova University

Villanova University offers a 100 percent online PMP certification course. The main benefits of this program is that it gets students ready to work as project managers. Project managers have a high earning potential and can bring in as much as $100,000 in the right situation. Prospective students can choose from industries such as healthcare, retail, financial services, government, technology, e-commerce and the like. The institution will then provide a tailored training course that is geared toward fine-tuning the person as a professional.

The University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolin stresses many points as to why someone should want to take their courses. Quality and tenure are two reasons that a prospect should want to seek assistance from this provider. The University of South Carolina has been training people for more than 20 years in PMP. New students can feel confident about working with USC for that reason. Additionally, the institution provides training in all areas of the PMBOK such as time management, quality management, human resources management, cost management and more.

The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a well-known institute that offers a ton of fully-accredited courses that are recognized by PMI. The PMP certification online course that this institution offers is excellent for people who are trying to get jobs as software developers, team leaders, managers, project assistance managers and more.

The features that each student gets depends on the membership that they have. The site offers four types of memberships. The most feature-packed membership offers features such as expert tutor support, global live sessions, mock exams, case studies and more. Other options are available for students who are concerned about their finances.

PMP Campus

PMP Campus is a company that offers affordability as one of its benefits. If you want to take PMP certification online courses, you can request some information from this institution. It offers a full course on PMP management with the option to allow students to have affordable payments.

Coupons are available to reduce tuition, but the quality remains a top notch feature for the students. Students can study at their own pace and avoid rushing and not experience stress. Learning should be affordable and enjoyable. The institution makes sure that such is the case.


Alison offers a diploma in project management. Interested persons must maintain an 80 percent on all the courses to obtain the diploma. The courses last up to six hours and they cover information such as Gantt and Pert chart understanding, project planning, and more.

The courses by Alison have four-star ratings from people who have taken them. They can be amazing supplements for people who are already in management or people who are trying to move up within their corporations. More than 9 million users are signed up with Alison, so it is a legitimate and popular site.

University of Washington

The University of Washington has a nine-month-long course for people who want to learn how to master the art of project management. The course instructs people who would like to be project managers in the field of construction, technology, manufacturing and more. It covers areas such as project strategy and management, risk procurement, project life cycle capstones, project overview and planning, project execution nad more. Tuition is affordable and financing options are available for those who desire a relaxed payment structure.

The previously mentioned options are just a few that an interested person can use to start getting ahead in his or her field. Additional options are available for PMP certification online. An interested person can review the options on the list and see if something looks promising. That person can start learning all of the elements of an amazing project manager immediately. The first step is contacting an enrollment specialist and discussing wants and needs with that person. The prospective student will hopefully find the best option for success.