How to Obtain Your TABC Certification Online with These 7 Trainings

Passing a TABC certification course is a requirement for serving alcohol in Texas. In fact, establishments serving liquor are required by law to employ only certified bartenders and servers. Luckily, you can get your TABC certification online in as little as two hours with these five online courses. These courses are much less expensive than in-person training and some can be purchased in advance, saving employers in training costs.

How to Obtain Your TABC Certification Online

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Learn2Serve: TABC Seller-Server Training

Learn2Serve‘s online TABC course, the biggest TABC training school in Texas, is priced at just $10.99. One big advantage of this course is that you can take as long as you want in between sections, whereas some courses require you to complete the entire course in six hours. A brief course outline is available online and the site offers 24-7 customer service. In addition, both the course and exam are available in Spanish.

Because the course doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting, however, participants are required to pass a quiz in order to move to the next section. In order to pass the course, you must pass all four quizzes for each of the four sections. You must also pass a final exam in order to receive your certificate. There are also no sample videos or information about the format of the material.

Seller-Server Alcohol TABC Certification Online Course

This TABC online training course is available for $14.95. In addition to their online offerings, Seller-Server also offers a DVD version of the course for those who are more comfortable with a slower-paced version of the course. Unlike other TABC courses that are mostly dry explanations of the law, this course is a bit more dynamic, with lots of animations and videos to illustrate points.

One advantage of this course is that you don’t need to take the whole course in one sitting. You can take one chapter at a time, and there are no quizzes other than the multiple choice exam at the end, which students have two chances to pass.

American Safety Council: TABC Online Course

The American Safety Council is a nationwide organization that offers food and alcohol safety courses online and at through in-person classes all over the United States. Their online seller-server course is priced at just $14.95. The big plus with ASC is that you can bundle your TABC course with the required food handler course for Texas, and take care of both requirements.

This course also has downloadable certificates and 24/7 customer service. Unfortunately, the website does not provide any information about the course content, quizzes, or exams. It’s a large organization that seems to specialize in offering courses in fields unrelated to food and beverage, so the TABC course might not be their top priority.


AACEA‘s TABC course provides a lot of value for the $10.99 price. The course consists of funny videos presented by a stand-up comedian, so it’s not the typical HR training fare. The two-hour course can be completed in one sitting, or you can take as long as you need. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll need to take the final exam before you can print your certificate.

The course also provides a free online tutorial and glossary that you can browse before taking your TABC certification online. Unfortunately, the school only provides customer service during business hours. Also, this course requires passing module quizzes before you can move on to the next section. If you fail a module quiz twice, you have to repeat the section before moving on. offers both alcohol and food handler permits, so it’s a good training provider for employers or for employees who need both. A big plus is that the site has a pass guarantee, so if you don’t pass the course, you’ll receive a full refund. The school also offers a complete course outline for you to check out before committing to the course. The TABC certification course is priced at $10.99.

Although the course offers a lot of information, it doesn’t offer any sample videos or any information about the course presentation. You must pass quizzes for each of the four lessons before moving on to the final exam. According to state rules, you must pass your exam in two tries or repeat the course.

TABC on the Fly Course

TABC on the Fly prides itself on being a course “for servers by servers.” Their course is priced at $10.99 like some of the other providers. In fact, the school was the first TABC certification online training provider to offer courses for that price and was founded by a former server who found the content on other courses to be mind-numbing.

The course website includes a blog and FAQ section, with a brief course outline. There are four sections, each with a short five-question quiz. As with other TABC courses, you must pass your final exam within two tries in order to receive your TABC certification online. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of specific information about how the course is presented other than the outline.

Certified2Serve TABC Certification Online Course

Certified2Serve has the lowest price at $10.75. As with other TABC courses, you can take as long as you need as long as the course is completed within 30 days of enrollment. There is a glossary and manual available for you to consult during the course, which is a major plus.

The course is one of the few to offer 24/7 customer support. Although the course seems to be a good value, the production value of the videos is somewhat low. It’s basically a Powerpoint presentation made into a movie.

Alas, certification isn’t free, but at least obtaining your TABC certification online makes it a lot more affordable. Plus, some of the schools offer bundles so that you can take other courses to boost your resume, in addition to the required ones. Have you ever taken any of the TABC certification courses on this list? Have you ever taken any other TABC or Texas Food Handler courses before? Let us know what you thought of your course, so we can include it on our list.