Top 5 Piano Lessons Online Free Hubs

Starting piano lessons online is one of the most exciting hobbies that you can take up. You will learn some amazing new skills and you will experience a brand new type of connection to music. We are going to tell you all about the best websites out there where you can get started. There are some excellent lessons available that are absolutely free of charge.

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What You Need To Get Started

Unlike other hobbies that you can experiment online without investing money in them, learning to play musical instruments comes with a fundamental condition. You need to have the instrument itself to get started!

So while the lessons are free of charge, you need to have a piano so that you can practice on it. Whether you choose a full-scale piano or a modern electronic keyboard, you will have a wide variety of options at your disposal.

If you are looking to buy a piano to get started with your lessons, we advise you to stick to digital ones, as they are considerably cheaper. Moreover, digital keyboards are ideal for beginners because they don’t require complex tuning or special maintenance.

If you are unsure whether or not you want to invest in a digital keyboard, you have one more option available to help you decide. You can use an online digital keyboard for the first few lessons. Then, if you realize you want to do this long term, you can look for good offers on digital keyboards.

Virtual Piano is one of the best free online keyboards out there. All you have to do is access the page and you can start playing the piano by using the keyboard on your computer. However, you need to bear in mind that this online piano feels rather different than the real thing.

As such, when you finally get your keyboard or piano, you will have to go through your first lessons once again just to get your fingers used to the change.

1. Zebra Keys

Zebra Keys is our favorite online hub for piano lessons because it provides students with all the resources they need to learn how to play this amazing instrument.

The site features a total of 50 lessons for all skill levels, as well as sheet music, articles, and music tools. These include a virtual keyboard and interactive applications for learning musical notes, the keyboard, and chord ear trainer.

Screenshot of the Zebra Keys Main Page

Every one of their lessons includes theory, as well as a comprehensive selection of videos and interactive applications. Thus, students can visualize what they have to do and then play along on their own keyboards.

2. Plern Piano

This piano website is destined for those of you who thrive on their creativity. The hub offers a few lessons, but the main aim of the portal is that you create your very own music.

So we advise that you learn your basics on the other platforms. Then compose and record your very own songs on the Plern Piano hub.

Screenshot of the Plern Piano Main Page

This could be an amusing way to practice because you will be able to save your songs and listen to them later. You don’t need a piano or keyboard for this one, as the site features its very own virtual keyboard.

You can upload any sheet music you are having trouble with on Plern Piano and the platform will let you know which keys you need to press to get it right. Furthermore, you can also upload MIDI files to the portal and it will provide you with sheet music for it.

3. Piano Nanny

Piano Nanny is an excellent portal that you can use to consolidate your skills. It offers lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students that are mainly based on theory.

While the lessons are well structured and excellently written, they only feature written content. This makes them harder to follow by inexperienced students because it is rather difficult to assess whether or not you are playing correctly.

Screenshot of the Piano Nanny Main Page

This is why we advise you to use it together with Zebra Keys, which provides a wide variety of video content in their lessons. The two portals actually complement each other quite nicely and you will be able to get more from your online piano lessons.

4. Music Theory

This website offers free piano lessons online focused on the core notions that you need to have in order to be able to play properly.

Go to the Lessons menu on the top left-hand corner on the main page to find the full list. The Music Theory portal features the best online piano lessons for starter students because it can help them lay a strong foundation.

Screenshot of the Music Theory Main Page

All the lessons on this portal abide by a step-by-step approach. Each of the steps is explained on a sketch of a digital keyboard, as well as a musical scale. Furthermore, audio content is also available for some of the steps, so that the student can get a full understanding of the notions.

Then, if you want to practice what you have learned, go to the Exercises menu to find training material corresponding to each of the lessons. This will help you consolidate all the new information. If you have any trouble, all you need to do is go back to the lecture to find the answers.

Music Theory also features a very useful set of tools. They offer an online keyboard that you can use for the lessons, which is identical to the sketch used in the lessons so that you know exactly what you have to do. They also provide Interval, Chord and Matrix Calculators, a Tempo Tapper and a Staff Paper Generator.

This portal also has an app version available on the App Store for $2.99. It’s safe to say that this is a sensible investment for being able to practice on your tablet or smartphone.

5. Amazing Piano Lesson Apps

Taking piano lessons online can prove to be quite tiring at times, so we have some amusing apps that you can try, to lighten up the process a bit. Whether you’re in the mood for some short exercises or for piano games that can actually help you practice, use these apps to have a great time.

You will be able to use them on that long train ride from work or in the morning with your coffee. A few minutes a day will actually make a difference for your piano skills in time. And we promise you that practicing has never been this fun!

Tiny Piano

This adorable little app can help you play songs on a virtual keyboard by simply tapping on the notes that light up. Similar to the world-famous Guitar Hero game, you will have to hit the right note and keep up with the pace.

Choose from classics like “Stand By Me” or “La Cucaracha” or try your hand at beloved hits like Adele’s “Someone Like You” or Rihanna’s “We Found Love”. The app features an extensive collection of songs, so you will definitely find something interesting every time.

Play the game wherever you might be by simply connect your headphones. Tap away for an amazing time!

Piano Dust Buster

Having trouble with staff notation? Are those online piano lessons getting tedious? Then how about learning your notes by playing an interactive game? In Piano Dust Buster, your mission is to play the right notes to keep those nasty dust particles from getting to the piano.

You can play your real piano and the app will analyze the sound and send those dust monsters running. You can also play by using the online keyboard in the game, so you can have fun with the app anywhere. This is our favorite app because it is extremely helpful for practicing and it is incredibly amusing and addictive.

Advanced levels actually require you to employ your staff notation skills, so make sure you go through your lessons to be ready for them.

Nota for iPad

The Nota for iPad app is an amazing learning tool because it features a comprehensive selection of interactive exercises and quizzes. You can practice your notes and your staff notation skills with this one from anywhere that you might be.

You can use it together with one of the free online lessons portals presented above for excellent results. Furthermore, the fact that you will be able to practice your skills on your way to work or during a break is a tremendous advantage.

There is also a Nota for iPhone app available, so you will not be restricted to using your iPad. The quality of the app is quite impressive and its wide range of exercises will keep you hooked for a long time, so try it out to improve your skills.

These are the best online piano lessons hubs on the World Wide Web and they will be of great use for your piano adventure. We hope that you have a wonderful time with them and that you get some valuable skills in the process!

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