Attending a CPR Online Course: A General Guide and FAQs

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  First of all, congratulations for your interest in attending a CPR course! Whether your interest is purely for the benefit of knowing how to offer some first aid maneuvers to people in need, or you’re also seeking some kind of formal benefit out of getting CPR certified, the congratulations are still in order. Many deaths and serious complications could be avoided if more people knew these first aid basics, so basically each new person … [Read more...]

How to Enroll for a CNA Online Course and Get Started Today

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In this age of instability of the job market Having an extra skill isn’t simply a good idea, but a must as well. Getting a degree or certification for a new skill can be both a sound back up plan, as well as an inspired first choice of career. The number of people with unpractical higher-ed specializations is on the rise anyway, so orienting yourself towards a useful skill could be one of the best decisions of your professional life, no matter … [Read more...]

What Are the Advantages of a Medical Terminology Course Online?

If you’re a med student or already working in the medical field in one job or another, or preparing to enter the professional health care field either from outside it, or from within (applying for a different position), then a medical terminology online course is just the thing for you. Here is a summary of why such a course would be helpful to you in some of the most encountered situations, as well as some pointers on how to enroll in a good one … [Read more...]

Give Your Professional Path a Boost with Online Training at Ivy Tech

According to advice from Business Insider experts, the key to improving your career’s odds is continued education and especially online training, since it’s the easiest way to obtain further degrees and certifications while doing something else as well (like maintaining a job). Limiting yourself to a single degree obtained through a regular college program poses a risk nowadays, when the professional market is becoming more and more fluid and … [Read more...]