Best Online Business Courses to Take in 2017 for Free

The internet has changed the way we do business and how we learn. Just 10 years ago it would have been difficult for an adult to work and go to school. But to keep up with the rapid pace of business now, you need to keep learning. Online classes offer the student the flexibility of being able to learn around their work schedule.

Some of the best online business courses to take include skills training, business building and personal development. Add value to your resume and create a brighter future for yourself with the best online business courses to take in 2017 for free.

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6. Introduction to Statistics

The self paced course is designed to teach students the basics on extracting meaning from data. You will learn how to visualize this meaning and understand it through math. Statistics and data analysis are tools that are used in almost every aspect of business. Besides being free, the course is designed for beginners.

Introduction to statistics is one of the best online business courses for anyone to take. The learning material takes about two months to complete and the only prerequisite is basic algebra. Students will learn through online videos and tutorials, interactive quizzes and communication with the instructor.

Drawback: Unfortunately, if you choose this course, you do not receive a certificate upon completion.

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5. An Introduction to Operations Management

This would be one of the best online business courses to take in order to be an effective manager. Offered through the University of Pennsylvania, you will be using the Coursera platform. Designed for business students and executives, the course is taught by an award winning instructor.

Drawback: The course can be taken for free but you will not receive the same options as the paid version. Students will be able to access all the learning materials. But the free option does not allow your lessons to be graded or come with a certificate of completion.

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4. An Introduction to Marketing

Relating to customers in order to sell a product is a skill every businessman needs. Offered by Wharton Business college, the course is led by three of their top professors. Students will learn three core marketing concepts; branding, customer centricity, and marketing strategies.

The self paced course requires about five to six hours a week. No prerequisite is needed but a background in business is helpful. The lesson plan is designed to take approximately nine weeks to complete. Lessons are completed through interactive textbooks, quizzes and completing assigned projects. You can access all the learning materials for free.

Drawback: You will not receive a grade on your completed projects. In order to be graded or earn a certificate, you need to complete the paid version of the course.

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3. An Introduction to Financial Accounting

Accounting is often called the “language of business”. Students will learn the basics of accounting. Lessons include how to read a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow. If you need to add these skills to your resume this is one of the best online business courses to take.

The classes run 10 weeks and are designed for beginners. Learn by watching videos, reading the lesson material and completing projects. Access to the lesson material is free.

Drawback: Like the other courses you will need to pay a fee to receive a certificate upon completion.

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2. MIT: Introduction to Microeconomics

While economics is not anyone’s favorite course a basic understanding is vital to the world of business. Offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this introductory course is one of their most popular. Taught by Jonathan Gruber who has been with MIT for over 20 years and he is considered a leader in economics.

Since the course is offered to new students, there are no prerequisites needed. Students will learn how to make the best decision with the resources at hand. Other topics include how best to use your income and how many people to hire. The course is self paced, and should take about nine weeks to complete. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and a new skill to add to your resume.

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1. How to Build a Startup

Certainly one of the best online business courses for entrepreneurs. The course is designed differently than the others. While not offered by a university or taught by a professor, the lessons contained are very useful. Steve Blank, a highly successful entrepreneur, designed the lesson material. He has spent over 20 years helping other entrepreneurs to be successful.

Lessons will guide you through the process of starting your own business. You will learn how to develop a marketable product. How to analyze your potential market. Where you to find your customers and everything you need to know to get started. Learn how to market you business on social media and how to build customer relationships.

The self paced course should take about one month to complete. The lessons are designed for intermediate students. Before beginning this course, you should have a little understanding of how the business world works.

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Final Thoughts

To keep up with the ever changing business world, you need to constantly keep learning. Finding the best online business courses to take is one way to continue your education. The flexibility offered by online classes makes it easy for students to learn around their work schedule.

Online learning does require more of a commitment than traditional education. Your self-discipline and time management skills will be put to the test. Just remember that the time you spend will benefit you in the workplace. Are you already taking online courses? Please share your experiences with us and tell us what you think of the courses suggested.