machine learning

Best Online Class for Machine Learning

Machine learning is the term for the field of computer science that attempts to allow computers to “learn” by using statistically analyzed data and without programming input from humans, other than providing that data. Quick Navigation How We Choose Our RatingsImplementing Predictive Analytics With Spark in Azure HDInsightPredictive Analytics 1 - Machine Learning ToolsPractical Predictive Analytics: Models and … [Read More...]

advanced excel

Advanced Excel: Learning It Online

Excel is a powerful tool that is used to organize, manage and analyze ideas. These may be job assignments, mathematical equations or something entirely different. The program has a wide range of applications, and the more you know about Excel, the more you can use it to work effectively and efficiently. One way to expand your knowledge about handling detailed spreadsheet data is by signing up for one of the best … [Read More...]

Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics Online Classes

Managerial economics is a science that uses economic theories and concepts to solve practical problems by explaining the most efficient distribution of resources. Such a study has a wide range of applicability. Of course, it can be useful to those who run a business, but it can also be helpful to those trying to manage their personal and home finances. Quick Navigation Our Judging … [Read More...]