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What is a MOOC? Everything You Need to Know About This Alternative Learning Option

They say knowledge is power, which is probably the reason there is so much resistance to giving it away for free. Imagine if everyone had the ability to make their decisions based on good information and a solid thought process?Actually, I don't understand why that would be so bad.Most people cringe when they think back to high school. It's not because of the bad hair, terrible fashion, or frequent acne … [Read More...]

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Best Online Courses for Information Design

As digital business, entertainment and communications become more commonplace, it is increasingly necessary to share and disseminate information accurately and engagingly. This is where information design comes in. However, information design isn't just an online discipline. The field includes graphic design, instructional design, user experience development and writing. The documents used as advertisements and … [Read More...]

Free Online Courses With Certificate of Completion

Free Online Courses With Certificate of Completion

In this competitive job market, it is vital that you keep your skills relevant. This means taking classes from time to time to get a refresher on something you haven't done in a while or learning something new to advance your career. It's crucial that you keep growing, honing old skills and developing new ones to become a more well-rounded employee. There is one problem: you aren’t sure where to get … [Read More...]