7 Best Online Social Media Marketing Courses

If you own an online business or are planning to start one, you already know the critical role that social media plays in a digital marketing strategy. There’s so much information out there, and it can be difficult to tell what is helpful and what is not.

A digital marketing course can help piece together all the right training that you need to become a successful digital marketer. This article will look at seven of the best online social media marketing courses in the market.

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1. HubSpot’s Inbound Certification

It is one of the best online social media marketing courses. It offers more than social media marketing. It will also teach you about SEO, blogging, landing pages and much more. There’s usually an exam after the classes. If you pass, you will get a personalized certificate and a badge. You can put this on your website, social media profiles and email signature.

The course contains tightly packed content that is easy to digest, and the presenters are great, too. It provides relevant examples of how you can put the concepts into practice. The study guides for each lesson are also downloadable.

There are two main drawbacks though. First, the certification you receive is only valid for a year. Secondly, the tests do not require you to demonstrate what you learned in practice. They just test your understanding of the concepts.

Certificate: Yes. Valid for one year;
Exam: Yes;
Cost: Free.

2. Udemy Social Media Marketing

Udemy is a huge collection of online courses in every possible area of which you could think. Social Media Marketing is one of them. Some of the classes are free, but others require you to pay. For example, 100 Social Media Tips, Tricks and Techniques will cost $20.

Get a lifetime access to over 80 lectures on how to use platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, social media automation and blogging. You will know how to create a social media strategy and learn content marketing.

What makes Udemy one of the best online social media marketing courses is the fact that you can become an instructor, too. You can create your own material as long as you have some expertise on the subject. It can be an excellent way to promote your brand as a social media marketer.

Certificate: Yes;
Exam: Yes;
Cost: Some courses are free while others are not.

3. Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course

If email marketing is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, Social Media Quickstarter is among the best online social media marketing courses that you could pick. The course focuses on teaching you how to integrate email marketing and social media marketing.

It will teach you digital marketing strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogging, Youtube, review sites and online listings. The course is perfect for a beginner-level marketer.

The user glossaries and how-to guides are on point. The course includes practical ways of learning the content and also provides self-tests. The only downside is that the material may not benefit you if you already have experience in digital marketing.

WebsiteConstant Contact
Certificate: Yes;
Exam: Yes. Quick tests;
Cost: Free.

4. University of Salford Manchester MOOC Social Media Marketing Training Courses

The Salford Business School in Manchester, England created a pilot program for their Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) a while back. The course material and videos cover twelve different areas of study. They include personal branding and a different course for each social media platform.

Each course contains an instructional video and a host of activities that you can undertake to learn how to do the various tasks by yourself. You are then expected to complete an exit survey. If you want to take things to the next level, USM offers other courses for accreditation.

This course will teach you how to develop a professional online identity and show you how to use SEO and social marketing tips and strategies to build and an online audience.

WebsiteUniversity of Salford Machester
Certificate: Yes;
Exam: Yes;
Cost: Free.

5. DS106: Digital Storytelling and Social Media

The open online course is modeled after the course taught at the University of Mary Washington. It is an attempt to re-imagine how storytelling can be adapted to the digital age. It is one of the best online social media marketing courses.

It includes instructional videos, tasks for each unit, participant blogs, a handbook and a very active online community. Social media marketing is all about telling a story to the fans and followers. This makes the course efficient and timely.

It will encourage you to express yourself creatively and teach you all about social media sharing and its impact on your network. The course contains over 800 media assignments from the group members.

Certificate: No;
Exam: No;
Cost: Free.

6. Alison Diploma in Social Media Marketing

This course is published by the Advance Learning Academy. It covers both Facebook and Twitter but also includes blogging and podcasts. You will learn about the correct type and size of images you should add in your social media campaigns.

It will take you around 20 hours to complete the entire course. Although it is free, you will have to pay to get your diploma certificate. You only qualify to get the certificate if you attain an 80% passing grade on all courses.

The Alison free courses are worth your time. But there are a few drawbacks. First, the course is not accredited. It the employer’s choice to decide whether they recognize the certification or not. The other disadvantage is that you have to pay to get the certificate.

Certificate: Yes. Diploma;
Exam: Yes. Assessment for each course;
Cost: Free but $62.01 for the diploma certificate.

7. Google Online Marketing challenge

Google Online Marketing Challenge is arguably one of the best online social media marketing courses out there. It contains an introduction to digital marketing, search, SEO, social media, etc. All you need to start is a Google account.

As expected, the social media module in the course tends to lean toward Google+. It is the place to go if you want to have an in-depth understanding of the Google+ platform.
It is among the most comprehensive courses, and the certification exam is quite challenging. Google is a trusted company and getting its certifications will improve your resume a great deal. The only major drawback is the focus placed on Google+ at the expense of other social media sites.

Certificate: Yes;
Exam: Yes;
Cost: Free.

In summary

We can blame the lack of expertise in the digital marketing space for the failure of digital marketing efforts. If you’re a beginner, digital marketing courses can go a long way in providing this much needed knowledge. Trends change fast in the digital world. If you consider yourself a novice, you still need to update your skills regularly to keep up. Enrolling in the best online social media marketing courses will enable you to do just that.

Have you had any experience with digital marketing sources? Please share your thoughts below.