Top 5 Online Statistics Course Options to Look Into

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Statistics and probability are often a required part of a college degree program, or you may just want to sharpen up your statistical skills. An online statistics course is a brilliant opportunity no matter what your reason. There are many areas of focus that different online statistics courses focus. You can select fundamental type classes that deal directly with basic probability and statistics or select options that concentrate on things … [Read more...]

10 Online Learning Platforms for Higher Online Education

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Online Learning Consortium’s report indicate over 70% of the academic leaders acknowledge online learning platforms are critical for education, and  75% believe e-learning to be at least as effective as traditional, face-to-face teaching. However, only 8% of the higher education institutions provide an online learning platform for their students –  which is unfortunate for teachers who believe in online education as a facilitator for … [Read more...]

7 Most Unusual and Exciting Open Yale Online Courses

Exciting Open Yale Online Courses and Game Theory

Online courses give students the unique opportunity of in-depth study on a number of subjects that might not be available in regular Curriculums. They represent the perfect opportunity of obtaining vital knowledge on subjects of interest that most students do not have access to. If you choose to follow one such course offered by a prestigious university you will also gain invaluable skills that will help you on the job market in the future. Free … [Read more...]

How to Enroll for BYU Online Courses

How to Enroll for BYU Online Courses

People enroll to online training programs for various reasons. Some may want the extra knowledge boost before University, while others simply want to prepare for the job market. Whatever the goals, online courses can help them achieve them, especially since they offer tangible evidence upon completion. For example, BYU Online course have different programs for high school students, scholars and individuals that want to join prestigious … [Read more...]

The Successful Story of my Architect friend who took up a UC Berkley Online Course

Professionals and UC Berkley Online Course

Unfortunately online courses are mostly regarded as an unsafe and an unreliable method of fathoming one’s studies nowadays. Sadly, it is sometimes believed they had been invented for the ones who are less preoccupied as far as their studies are concerned, but who need a diploma in an arbitrary field. However this is a completely wrong premise to start with, because online courses do not even slightly resemble any kind of pampering or taking the … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know about Attending Elite Online Training Programs

Elite Online Training Programs at Harvard Website

The online training and online education market is certainly a blooming business, especially in the last decade or so, but not all such programs are created equal, nor do they offer the same results. Though the industry is sometimes wrongly associated with an easy way of obtaining a degree or a certificate with less of the work required for obtaining the same degree or certificate in a traditional system, some online training programs are … [Read more...]

What Should You Look For When Choosing an Organic Chemistry Online Course?

Organic chemistry online course

Within the online training programs niche, the so called hard sciences are gathering up more and more fans. If a decade ago, some of the most popular online programs you could enroll for were the ones teaching various soft skills, since it was widely believed that harder classes and natural sciences were impossible to learn at a distance and outside the lab, now this seems to have changed. Not only that now such online classes are available for … [Read more...]

How to Know If an Online Organic Chemistry Course Would Be a Good Idea

Compounds and Organic Chemistry

There are plenty of reasons for people to want to consider online training programs of all sorts. And apparently, there’s not stopping just at considering them: since the offer on online training is so rich, it is quite obvious that the industry is quite blooming. This now steady trend can be regarded as both a good thing and a bad thing. Allow us to clarify. For some parts of the education industry, especially from the view point of a die-hard … [Read more...]

Why Penn State Is the Best Online School in the U.S.

Penn State and Best Online School in the U.S.

The OpenCourseWare Consortium says there are few other revolutions more important in the 21st centuries than the revolution of open education. The platform has been promoting open courseware for a long time now and has managed to convince over 200 institutions around the world to adopt this policy. What are its benefits? The OCW advocates three main perks: Providing access to knowledge and the sharing of knowledge in remote corners of the … [Read more...]

What a Calculus Online Course Is Good For and Where to Find One

Calculus Online Course

To quote a famous saying, calculus is about the very large, the very small, and about how things change. Sometimes, certain fixed and number-based disciplines, like mathematics, have a way of becoming almost poetic, and calculus is one domain which perfectly illustrates this tendency. According to its official definition, calculus is the mathematical study of change, just like geometry, for instance, is the mathematical study of shape. A calculus … [Read more...]