Top 5 Free Online Geometry Courses

If you’re interested in learning geometry, you should check out our top five suggested courses below that deal with interesting topics such as symmetry, quantum field theory, and basics of geometry.

Not only are these course online, which means that you can do them from anywhere, but you can also download them as an eBook for easier learning! Choose the best free online geometry course for your needs from the following top suggestions.

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1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Courses

Although the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers a variety of classes to take, here are a few great online courses that deal specifically with geometry:

Geometry and Quantum Field Theory

The Geometry and Quantum Field Theory online course is specifically made for undergraduates who want to learn more about advanced calculus and differential geometry. Lectures in the course also include quantum physics, quantum field theory, and matrix integrals. Plus, the assignments in class can easily be downloaded via PDF.

Differential Geometry

The undergraduate Differential Geometry course focuses primarily on hypersurfaces, planes, plane curves, and distances. The bulk of the class is based on lectures and assignments, and a basic understanding of algebra is highly recommended.

Geometric Combinatorics

The Geometric Combinatorics online course helps students start learning computational and discrete geometry. Other topics in the course include arrangements of curves and lines, crossing numbers, simplicial partitions, geometric graph theory, and more!

Algebraic Geometry

The Algebraic Geometry course goes over a variety of schemes, sheaves, and morphisms. Students are required to have experience in commutative algebra in order to attend this class.

Computational Geometry

The Computational Geometry course is an advanced class for graduate-level mechanical engineers. The classes focus on learning curves, surfaces, and geometric solids.

2. Open University Courses

Open University has a wide variety of free online geometry courses, combined with lectures, content from textbooks, as well as videos. Here a few great geometry courses they offer to students:


This basic Geometry course introduces students to the basics of geometry, such as circles, curves, lines, and other geometric-based objects. Other topics that this course goes over are angle analysis and rotational symmetry.


This Symmetry course goes over indirect and direct rotations, reflections, and symmetry. However, students in this course will also go over Cayley tables and symmetry composites as well.


This free Surfaces course goes over topics from cones and spheres to the projective plane. The majority of lectures are done through class readings.

Modeling Displacements and Velocities

This Modeling Displacements and Velocities online course goes over vector behavior and how they can be converted. The majority of class lectures can either be downloaded via eBook or Word PDFs.

3. EdX – Introduction to Geometry

This online course allows students to choose what they want to learn from each lesson, this way they can jump ahead if they desire. The course, Geometry X, covers basic high school geometry to common core (CCSS) alignment. The Introduction to Geometry course lasts for 14 weeks. The course itself is self-paced, meaning you would have as much time as you need during those 14 weeks to complete it. The course is free, but there is the option to pay for a verified certificate that states that you completed the course. The certificate costs $50.

During the length of this course, students will learn:

  • Defining properties of polygons;
  • How to measure different angles and the rules that can determine which are congruent;
  • The Pythagorean theorem;
  • Ways to calculate areas of complex basic and complex shapes;
  • Similarities to angles and line segments;
  • Calculating surface areas and volumes of 3D solids.

4. Khan Academy Geometry Courses

The Khan Academy is another popular website where you can find a free online geometry course. They offer classes on all sorts of subjects and in a variety of difficulty levels. Each course is made up of instructional video content and practice exercises. The website also holds a customizable learning dashboard which they can use to learn and study at their own pace. The dashboard also provides personalized recommendations on what to study next.

There is a wide variety of geometry content available on the Khan Academy website. Students can take lessons on lines, angles, shapes, areas, trigonometry, and more. The academy offers three structured classes which include:

Basic Geometry

This Basic Geometry course reviews the core skills that students will need for high school level geometry classes and beyond.

High School Geometry

In this High School Geometry course, students will review more advanced geometry like congruence, analytic geometry, other topics. This course was created to align with Common Core standards.


This Trigonometry course is the most difficult one offered by the Khan Academy and goes over topics like right triangles, graphs, and more.

You have the option to take a free online geometry course or to review individual lessons as needed. Khan Academy also offers practice exercises for those simply want to brush up on their knowledge.

5. MathPlanet Geometry Course

MathPlanet is a nonprofit that focuses on spreading mathematical knowledge to the whole world for free. They offer high school level mathematics courses on everything from algebra to geometry. They also offer free practice tests for students preparing to take the SAT and ACT. Even if you are not a high schooler, anyone can benefit from these helpful online lessons.

Geometry is one of the main courses that they teach on MathPlanet. All of the information is divided into ten different main subjects and then is further divided into individual lessons. The lessons consist of written theory, mathematical examples, and easy to understand video lessons. This high school level geometry course provides a complete education on everything from points and lines to transformations and trigonometry.

There is no option to receive a certificate for this course. However, all of the information is always free and the course is completely self-guided. This means that you can revisit any subject that you need to whenever you want, completely free of charge.

Summing Up

There are so many options for a free online geometry course these days. Some are made available from independent nonprofit organizations and others from top higher education institutions. It does not matter where you decide to take your free geometry class. As long as you are putting an emphasis on your lifelong learning, there is no way you can fail.

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