Top 10 Online Algebra Course Options

Learning subjects like algebra can be difficult, no matter what format of class you’re taking. Online algebra courses are a way you can educate yourself on your own schedule. You typically don’t have to show up to courses during a specific time, though you may have to complete assignments.

Even if you’re already taking an in-person course in algebra, online resources can help you learn the material better and achieve better grades. Learn more about algebra in one of the most convenient ways possible: through online courses and resources.

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1. College Algebra (Udacity)

Udacity offers a comprehensive college-level online algebra course, which is done through the San Jose State University. This class will help you understand complex algebra principles in lessons that are easy to understand. Even better, this class shows you how this type of math can relate to your everyday life. This course is completely free and takes around four months to complete. The learning will be self-paced, with interactive quizzes to test out what you’ve learned.

2. Introduction to Algebra

If you aren’t ready to start at a course that is college-level, maybe you want to learn a little bit about the basics. Introduction to Algebra is an introductory online algebra course that will teach you how to solve equations, draw graphs and evaluate powers. In each interactive lesson, you will be able to choose your own path in what you want to learn. This class is essentially what you would learn in a highschool Alebgra I course, and can even help you prepare for an upcoming exam. The website itself is very user-friendly, allowing you to jump around easily between different lessons.

3. College Algebra (Straighterline)

The one advantage to this online algebra course is that you can potentially earn college credit with the courses you take and pass. Straighterline is a college-level online algebra class that can be completed in less than 30 days. You can sign up, get your free included ebooks, and start learning right away.

4. Math Planet Courses

Math Planet is one of the greatest resources out there for math as it covers a wide range of levels and topics. Right now, the site offers online math courses from pre-algebra all the way to geometry. There are even courses to help you prepare for the SAT and ACT. The best part is that it is a completely free resource that can be used at any time, at your own pace. All the courses are the equivalent of high school math courses. The best and most convenient way to study math.

5. Algebra I (Khan Academy)

Khan Academy is known for having a variety of great courses, covering a wide range of educational topics. Algebra I is a beginner level course that will give you a great introduction and overview of algebra. You will learn about linear equations, units of measurement, functions and more. The course is completely free and can be taken any time you want. You can easily move through lessons and units to see what material is best suited for you. The website is very user-friendly and can be used easily by anyone.

6. Algebra I (MIT)

MIT OpenCourseWare is an online algebra course offered by MIT and is course material from an actual taught Algebra I class in 2010. This is college-level math and is considerably more difficult than an introductory high school course. The course is made up of readings, assignments and lessons that are intended to heighten your learning experience. This undergradaute course will teach you about linear groups, vector spaces, symmetry groups and more. Students should have some familiarity with proofs before taking this course. This course, as well as all of the course materials, are completely free.

7. Math 101: College Algebra

This online algebra course, Math 101, is those looking for college-level algebra. Math 101: College Algebra also sticks out because it may be eligable with different universities for college credit. Earning college credits online can help you save both time and money on your way to a degree. This self-paced format gives you all the time you need to study the material and pass. The course is comprised of 94 different lessons, each around 8 minutes in length. If you want to potentially earn college credit, make sure to study for and complete the exams that are included with the course.

8. MA001: College Algebra

Saylor Academy offers this beginner math course that focuses on learning about solving equations, factoring expressions, graphing linear equations and more. There are five different units within the course, each one focusing on a new topic. There are different activities within the course, including quizzes that can tell you how you’re doing and if you’re improving your knowledge. At the very end of the course is a final exam you can study an take to assess what you’ve learned.

9. Algebra 101 Class

Universal Class offers an Algebra 101 class that covers both the beginner and intermediate levels of knowledge. The course is comprised of fourteen different interactive lessons, as well as 24 different assignments and exams to assess your knowledge. This course is priced at $85, and has been taken than more than 3,500 eager students. This course is self-paced, meaning you never have to worry about deadlines or dates. What’s different about this course is that you can get actual instructor feedback whenever you have a question or turn in an assignment. Even with an easy online format, you can start any time you want.

10. Algebra in Mathematics

Algebra in Mathematics course takes a look at algebra in mathematics and explains the concept of algabraic fractions. With this self-paced format, you’ll easily be guided through course material like simplifying quadratic equations, using formuale and more. This course is designed to relate math to real-word problems, an attempt to help students become more interested with the material. Whether you want to learn about simple algebra or want some study help in another class, this free course is a perfect learning option.

Summing Up

Learning about anything – including algebra – doesn’t have to be difficult with new online technology. Find any level course of math that will fit your needs. If you know of a great algebra course that’s online, let us know about it.