Top 8 Online Spanish Courses for Enthusiastic Linguists

Learning a new language can enrich every sector of your life. It can make you more invaluable in your job, open you up to a world of new music, movies, and literature, and get you in touch with people you might never have been able to get to know before. As the second most commonly spoken language in the world, Spanish is especially valuable. The problem is, not everyone has time to attend classes in a formal classroom. Fortunately, there are easily-accessible courses online for the enthusiastic linguist. Below are the top eight online Spanish courses to get you started on your language-learning adventure.

Top 8 Online Spanish Courses

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1. Duolingo

Advantages: Duolingo is a free online language-learning platform that turns learning a new language into a game. You get to set daily goals, earn points (hearts), and keep track of your streaks (days in a row spent practicing). The lessons teach you the fundamentals of the language such as vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation, giving you the building blocks to learn the language. You can access Duolingo online or via an app for Android or iOS devices.

Disadvantages: You don’t have the opportunity to interact with a real Spanish-speaker, so it is up to the software to decide if your pronunciation is right or wrong. Also, some of the sample sentences – while technically grammatically correct – make little sense functionally.

2. StudySpanish

Advantages: StudySpanish is another free online platform. The difference is that this one focuses exclusively on Spanish. Through these online Spanish courses, you can learn pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and verbs. After each lesson, you also have the opportunity to generate an online review quiz. This is a platform that can help any Spanish-language learner from beginner to advanced.

Disadvantages: Since it is free, the online Spanish courses on this platform are self-taught. If you don’t learn well from reading, this platform won’t be suitable for you. Auditory learners have to pay if they want to access the audio Spanish courses.

3. BusinessSpanish

Advantages: If you need to learn Spanish for the workplace, this can be a good option for you. Business Spanish is a free online course that teaches you the important grammar and pronunciation points but focuses on the vocabulary related to banking, compensation, courtesy phrases, accounting, etc. The chapters even include audio so you can check pronunciation and mini-quizzes accompany each lesson.

Disadvantages: The website is not nearly as polished as the other online Spanish courses. It is also entirely self-taught, so you have to be an extremely self-motivated learner.

4. MySpanishTeacher

Advantages: The perk of this 6-month online course is that you can select one based on your needs – MySpanishTeacher offers Spanish for teachers, banking, law enforcement, and many more. Once you create your account, you aren’t bound by a schedule of classes – the course is self-paced (you don’t have to take the entire 6 months) and available 24/7. The focus is on conversational Spanish and culture, and if you ever get lost you can email the teachers for support.

Disadvantages: You do have to pay to access this course. Since the emphasis is on conversational Spanish, you also don’t get any grammar lessons.

5. Babbel

Advantages: Babbel offers both Beginner and Intermediate courses as well as 5 specialized modules focusing on grammar, speaking, culture, making sentences, and idiomatic expressions. The Beginner and Intermediate courses require a subscription, but the first lesson is free. Babbel takes a unique approach to teaching pronunciation by offering drills and tongue twisters, and most enthusiastic linguists will appreciate the opportunity to learn local slang and idiomatic expressions.

Disadvantages: While this platform does have a smartphone app, it is currently only available for iPhone users. You also don’t have access to an actual Spanish teacher.

6. LinQ

Advantages: LinQ is a language-learning platform that is accessible across all devices, whether you are PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android. Membership gives you access to an international online community and the platform helps you grow your vocabulary via written texts, audiobooks, and activities. You can track your progress and see how much you have learned and have conversations with real native Spanish speakers.

Disadvantages: The number of features you have access to depends on how much you are willing to pay per month. While free membership is an option, it is extremely limited. Premium and Premium Plus have the most tools at your disposal.

7. Busuu

Advantages: A premium membership with Busuu gives you access to all 12 of their language courses, including Spanish. You can access Busuu online or through your phone or tablet, and each course includes vocabulary, grammar, and travel lessons. Premium members also get to take what they have learned and chat with native speakers. You can also take quizzes for the chance to earn official certifications.

Disadvantages: While there is a free membership option, it only includes access to the flashcards. To get the most value for your price, you have to invest in a full 2 years. Otherwise, the price per month increases.

8. Rosetta Stone

Advantages: The one name people think of when they think about online Spanish courses is Rosetta Stone. Membership gives you access to tutors who are native speakers, sophisticated software that recognizes pronunciation, and a fully immersive language-learning experience which combines audio, visuals, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and writing.

Disadvantages: All of these extra features come with a price. This platform has the heftiest price tag of all of the other online Spanish courses on this list.

Summing Up

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the top 8 online Spanish courses. As you can see, learning Spanish doesn’t have to require going to a formal classroom. Do you have any experiences with any of these courses? Have you tried an online Spanish course that didn’t make our list? If so, please let us know in the comments below.