4 Free Online Typing Lessons

Online typing lessons are a great way to improve your typing skills. Whether you are a beginner or you are looking for advanced tips to improve typing speed and accuracy, an online typing tutor can provide all the help you need. We have compiled a list of the best free online typing lessons to guide your quest.

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Regardless of your age or experience with typing, these free typing lessons online are a sure way to success. While perfection needs practice, you won’t regret the time invested in thoroughly following the touch typing tutorials.

Key Facts Concerning Typing Lessons

Before you choose your free online typing lessons, make sure you know what type of keyboard you will be practicing on. The majority of the typing lessons are focused on the widely used QWERTY keyboard.

There are other types of keyboards, each with their own adepts. The Dvorak keyboard was released in the 1930s. According to its proponent, Doctor August Dvorak, the Dvorak keyboard is designed to use less finger motion. In addition, it would increase typing rate as well as help with drastically reducing typing errors.

Another keyboard is the Colemak keyboard. This layout was specifically created for typing in the English language. This keyboard layout was released in January 2006. As it was designed specifically for typing in English, tests’ results suggest that it sports impressive metrics. However, it’s still the third keyboard layout after QWERTY and the Dvorak keyboard.

The Workman keyboard layout is the latest addition to the list. According to its designer, it promises significant improvements over the other keyboard layouts presented. Its strength lays in the fact that it is optimized specifically to encourage both vertical and horizontal finger stretching.

Wrist movement is aligned towards the middle columns. A perfect fit for programmers and all those who make a living out of typing, the Workman keyboard still awaits large scale adoption.

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A Short Glossary of Terms before Taking the Typing Pledge

Most online free typing lessons will walk you through the basic language and key positions you should adopt. Nonetheless, here is a short list of touch typing language you should be aware of.

  1. WPM – WPM stands for words per minute. This is indicative of your typing rate. The more you advance with touch typing, the higher your typing rate will be. Some online typing lessons will inform you that a word comprises 5 keystrokes with spaces. Thus, when you reach 50 keystrokes per minute, your WPM or typing rate is 10.
  2. A typing rate of 10 WPM may seem too little. However, mastering touch typing requires patience. In the beginning, you need to learn an even rhythm. Speed is trumped by quality and accuracy during the first tutorials of the online typing lessons. In effect, achieving an even rhythm may help you minimize your typing errors, focus on the end result and ultimately gain you extra time.

Learn how to speed type with SpeedTypingOnline

On this website, you will be greeted by a friendly home page. The friendly format of SpeedTypingOnline allows you to navigate easily between the different menus and choose what you’re here for.

The online typing lessons provided here are free. Moreover, they target those of you who are looking to improve their speed and accuracy. Beginners can also take advantage o the website as the format of each online typing lesson allows you to work at your own pace. All activity is tracked online and performance indicators are displayed for each of the tasks.

If you’re looking to make things more interactive, there are several challenges and games based on the typing lessons you completed. WPM, time and accuracy are typically displayed at all times. As such, you can keep an eye on your performance at all times.

Mavis Beacon Online Typing Lessons Promise the Typing Skills You’ve always Wanted

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a comprehensive package that promises improved typing efficiency and not only. If typing has become a cumbersome chore, the Mavis Beacon package promises to make it fun again. Improving your typing skills, your rhythm and your accuracy can win you a substantive amount of free time.

Head to MavisBeaconFree and download the full typing lessons package for free. The reviews on the website are telling of the quality and efficacy of this product. The Beacon method package comprises 403 personalized lessons complete with tests and exercises.

Progress reporting as well as tracking are provided for each typing lesson. The package contains optimization for French and Spanish in addition to English. To keep each lesson interactive, there are 16 Arcade-style games that will challenge your typing skills.

speed typing may be learned through online typing lessons

Become a Typing Hero with the Free Online Touch Typing Lessons Offered by Peter

Don’t be fooled by the simple aesthetics of Peter’s online typing courseThese online free typing lessons address beginners and advanced alike. Kids might not find the format too attractive. Nonetheless, the free online typing tutor lessons cover all grounds.

Peter’s touch typing lessons may work well with children too. While you can skip through the menu to reach what’s of interest, it’s recommended that you go through the lessons one by one. There is a preliminary part that explains the principles for effective learning and typing ergonomics.

The position of your fingers might be of particular interest especially since they help with mastering different typing methods. The online typing lessons on this website are free. Moreover, they are accompanied by a variety of exercise to put those typing skills to test.

Children, Students, and Teachers Love Typing.com

This website offers free online typing lessons for kids. Organized as a community of students and teachers, it offers plenty of resources for any level and age. The online typing lessons for adults are complemented by online typing lessons for children, beginners and advanced and anyone in between.

The typing curriculum is aligned to the Common Core. According to the website, over 14 million students joined the community. Over 25,000 teachers use the website’s services. Boasting such a large user database, Typing.com is fun, engaging and free.

Once you head to the website, you’ll notice you need an account to login. Create your account and become part of a lively community dedicated to improving touch typing skills, your speed and your results. As is the case with other online typing lessons, here too they are supplemented by online type tests and online typing games. 

Take a pledge to master touch typing today. All the resources you need are listed in the online typing lessons found above. All of the online typing lessons are free and can be accessed by both beginners and advanced. Remember, practice makes perfect. Make sure you invest time in the beginning to reap those perfect typing skills in the end.

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