5 Best AngularJS Tutorials in 2017

Today’s article aims to guide your steps towards finding the best AngularJS tutorial. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework aiming to ease the cumbersome process of developing single-page apps.

Commonly referred to as Angular, AngularJS was developed by Google and is currently maintained by a community of companies and individuals as a simple JavaScript frameworks for SAPs. It has shaped up to be one of the most commonly used frameworks to build complex structured browser-side applications.

1. AngularJS Tutorial by AngularJS

PhoneCat Tutorial App tutorial

At AngularJS.org you will find all the resources you need to pin down every bit of knowledge on Angular. Created by the AngularJS developers, this AngularJS tutorial keeps the story short and the practical examples long and telling, and it may be the best AngularJS tutorial for medium to advanced developers.


If you are a beginner level programmer or web applications developer, this tutorial may not be the right one for you. The language is highly specialized and without prior knowledge it’s difficult to break it down in plain English.

What Will I Learn?

  • Bootstrapping;
  • Static Template;
  • AngularJS Templates;
  • Components;
  • Directory and File Organization;
  • Filtering Repeaters;
  • Two-way Data Binding;
  • XHR & Dependency Injection;
  • Templating Links & Images;
  • Routing & Multiple Views;
  • More Templating;
  • Custom Filters;
  • Event Handlers;
  • REST and Custom Services;
  • Animations.

Bonus: There’s also a free Learn AngularJS course available where one can learn how to use directives and modules in order to build a fictional store app.

2. W3Schools AngularJS Tutorial

w3schools AnjularJS tutorial screenshot

Provided by the largest web developer site, this AngularJS tutorial by W3Schools is split in 24 chapters covering all you need to know about the open-source AngularJS. This is as much an AngularJS tutorial for beginners as it is for advanced developers.

Browse through the table of contents to choose the exact module or chapter you’re interested in. For instance, the Angular Directives chapter makes a great AngularJS directive tutorial by itself. The first chapters of the tutorial focus on AngularJS basics: directives, filters, expressions, controllers and modules.


Before studying AngularJS, users should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

What Will I Learn?

  • Expressions;
  • Modules;
  • Directives;
  • Module;
  • Data Binding;
  • Controllers;
  • Scopes;
  • Filters;
  • Services;
  • Http;
  • Tables;
  • Select;
  • SQL;
  • DOM;
  • Events;
  • Forms;
  • Validation;
  • API;
  • W3.CSS;
  • Angular Includes;
  • Angular Animations;
  • Routing;
  • Application.

Bonus: You can also find AngularJS Examples and AngularJS References.

3. An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to AngularJS

medialoot.com AngularJS tutorial

Offered by MediaLoot.com, this AngularJS tutorial is designed specifically for beginners and it may very well be the best AngularJS tutorial for them. The SAPs JavaScript framework may seem cumbersome at first. Nonetheless, the interactive and uncomplicated fashion in which the basics and more advanced features are explained will allow you to build a web app in no time.

The tutorial introduction promises that by the end any beginner will be able to build an Angular app in approximately 20 JavaScript code lines.


The only requirement is a basic understanding of front-end languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

What Will I Learn?

  • Creating the Module;
  • Initializing the View;
  • Creating the Controller;
  • Setting up the Scope;
  • Telling the view about the Controller;
  • Bind Data to the Page;
  • Create the View Layout;
  • Setting up Data on the Controller;
  • Binding the Todos to the View;
  • Setting up the Template;
  • Finishing the Todo;
  • Removing the Todo in the Controller;
  • Add a new Todo;
  • Adding a Todo to the Controller.

Bonus: You may also be interested in the Beginners Guide to CSS Grid Layout.

4. Thinkster Promises a Different Angular Tutorial

A Better Way to Learn AngularJS

This is one of the most comprehensive AngularJS tutorials out there and you’ll see why we’ve included it in our list of the best AngularJS tutorial options.  It can be regarded as an AngularJS project tutorial as the opening page promises that by the end you should be able to build a large scale Angular app with all the trinkets and mastery worthy of a developer.

In 15 chapters full of resources and telling examples, the tutorial really builds up the necessary know-how. Plus point: it’s written in a very personal yet professional style that enables a deeper understanding of all the Angular concepts needed to become a pro.


Users should have a moderate knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also you should know about JavaScript functions, events, and error handling, as well as basic Model-View-Controller (MVC) concepts and DOM.

What Will I Learn?

  • Binding;
  • Controllers;
  • Services;
  • Promises;
  • Filters;
  • Directives;
  • Building a ‘tab’ Directive;
  • Advanced Directive Topics;
  • The View and the DOM;
  • Animations;
  • Templates;
  • Routing;
  • Http and Server Interaction;
  • Development Environment and Testing;
  • Deploying to Production;
  • Examples and Analysis.

Bonus: You can also check out A Better Way to Learn Angular 2 tutorial.

5. Angular Tutorial by TutorialsPoint

tutorialspoint.com screenshot

Another great source to visit when searching for the best AngularJS tutorial is TutorialsPoint.com. Slightly lengthier than other similar tutorials, the tutorialspoint.com tutorial is more than just an introduction.

Angular Tutorial by TutorialsPoint is aimed at professionals who need deeper insight on the ropes and inner workings of the JavaScript framework. The concepts are explained in easy steps and exemplified in thorough exercises.


The prerequisites for this AngularJs tutorial are: previous knowledge of text editors and JavaScript. Provided you know CSS, HTML, AJAX or others, the tutorial should sink in even faster.

What Will I Learn?

  • Environment setup;
  • MVC Architecture;
  • First Application;
  • Directives;
  • Expressions;
  • Controllers;
  • Filters;
  • Tables;
  • Modules;
  • Forms;
  • Includes;
  • AJAX;
  • Views;
  • Scopes;
  • Services;
  • Dependency Injection;
  • Custom Directives;
  • Internationalization.

Bonus: You’ll find many other useful resources such as AngularJS – Quick Guide, Developers Best Practices Tutorial, and lots of Q&A.

Summing Up

Creating a web application is a daunting and tiring task at times. Yet, with the abundance of programming languages easily available today, professionals and beginners simply need to invest some time in their passion and follow the latest developments.

AngularJS shaped up to be the tool of the future when it comes to solving simple issues concerning SAPs. If you haven’t had the chance to work with the JavaScript framework or simply need to pin down more in-depth knowledge, choose the best AngularJS tutorial for you and let the magic happen.

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