7 Best Online Medical Terminology Courses to Take this Year

Medical terminology forms the foundation for many different areas of study. The subject is used in everything from pharmacology to oncology. It’s such a fundamental part of medical science that many classes assume students have a solid grasp of the subject.

As such, it can sometimes prove difficult to find a separate course focusing exclusively on medical terminology. In the following list we’ll examine the best online medical terminology course options. We’ll primarily focus on amount of material and cost when judging the options.

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7. Cancer and Medical Terminology

The Cancer and Medical Terminology course scores somewhat lower due to specialization. One needs to consider this course in relation to end goals. If one intends on working in a field related to oncology than the merit of this class should go up.

The primary focus of the course centers around cancer. One will still gain a broad overview of medical terminology. But the focus on cancer heavily weighs particular areas of study. For example, students learn about symptomatic suffixes immediately after basic word structure.

Students learn medical terminology through a series of short modules. Each finishes with a short pretest that can gauge whether students are ready for the next chapter.

Website: Training.seer.cancer.gov.
Certificate: No.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: Free.

6.Understanding Medical Words: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine

Understanding Medical Words ranks somewhat low due to lack of breadth. It’s meant to help people get a more utilitarian grasp of medical terminology. This style helps students pick up the basics at a rapid pace.

The class structure makes heavy use of multimedia elements. Visual learners in particular might give this course option some extra consideration. One should also note that it’s downloadable for local offline use.

Students who intend to learn medical terminology for other classes might consider different options. But it’s an ideal choice for people who want to quickly pick up the basics for real world use.

Website: Medlineplus.gov.
Certificate: No.
Exam: No.
Cost: Free.

5. SweetHaven’s Medical Terminology

SweetHaven’s course consists of 28 separate lessons. Students begin by learning about the basic word structure used in medicine. From there the lessons use the human body as a framing device. With each separate system acting as a general theme for new terminology.

For example, it uses the digestive system as a single lesson. This contrasts with using individual organs within the digestive system as separate subjects. Past that point students learn how different prefixes and suffixes modify the terms they’ve learned.

Both the prefix and suffix sections conclude with two exams. This is among the best online medical terminology course options for some specific viewpoints. If one can easily categorize words by a theme than it’s probably a good match.

Website: Free-ed.net.
Certificate: No.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: Free.

4. ExpertRating Online Medical Terminology

The ExpertRating Online Medical Terminology course ranks somewhat lower due to overall cost. It’s among the more expensive options within this list. But at the same time the price comes with some significant benefits.

The course consists of ten separate chapters. One of the course’s distinctions comes from how in depth it goes. Most of the other options give a cursory look at basic functionality of various biological systems.

ExpertRating’s course goes into more depth when examining human anatomy and biology. The course doesn’t just cover the terminology. It also provides students with a solid understanding of what those terms describe.

The course’s value depends in large part on whether a student wants that level of education. It’s one of the best online medical terminology course options covering both biology and terminology.

Website: Expertrating.com.
Certificate: ExpertRating certification.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $99.99.

3. Des Moines University’s Medical Terminology

The Des Moines University’s Medical Terminology course offers a choice between two payment options. Both options allow one access to the same material. The main difference comes from recognition on completion of the course. The paid option ends with an exam and possible certification. While the free option lacks these two perks.

The two options push the class up in overall ranking. Students have the opportunity to cover the material in the exact manner they desire. Having access to high quality material and the choice of how to study it can be a huge advantage.

The course presents medical terminology under a system based classification. Students learn terms as they relate to linked systems within the human body. However, it does deviate from that system at the very end. Students learn how medical terminology applies to medicines at the end of the course.

The lessons related to pharmaceuticals make it a good choice for anyone looking at related fields. It’s also a solid choice for students who want to examine a course before payment.

Website: DMU.edu.
Certificate: Certificate of Participation with paid option.
Exam: With the paid option.
Cost: Choice between free and $99 courses.

2. Introduction to Medical Terminology

Introduction to Medical Terminology is one of the best options for anatomy and physiology students. But this specialization also lowers the overall general value. The course structure assumes students want to use it for prep work,.

One of the course’s more unique features comes from multimedia integration. It’s one of the few medical terminology courses which make heavy use of videos and real world imagery. Again, this further drives home the applicability for anatomy and physiology students.

It’s among the best online medical terminology course options for physiology preparation. But people not involved with that field might want to look elsewhere.

Website: CBS.Umn.edu.
Certificate: No.
Exam: No.
Cost: Free.

1. Health 103: Medical Terminology

This is one of the most advanced options for medical terminology. One should note that it’s among the few non-free options. But the cost comes with enough features to warrant an overall top-tier ranking. Many of these features relate to how well it relates to other subjects.

It’s among the best online medical terminology course options for longer academic paths.This is in large part due to the larger scope. Every section within the course goes into extensive depth. And it’s also covered by quiz and exam materials which ensure one understands the subject.

Its pricing plans also reflect long term goals. The payment plans offer monthly fees to access a full curriculum. One can continue to move along an academic path while subscribed.

Website: Study.com.
Certificate: Certificate of Completion with premium plan.
Exam: 22 chapter exams.
Cost: Trial (free for 5 days), Basic(19.99), Premium (39.99).

Summing Up

In conclusion, one can see that the various options do have shared characteristics. But one of the larger factors comes from a student’s end goal. Students should consider how well the courses match with their intended use.

The best course for an individual often comes down to end goal. As such, anyone who’s taken these courses should talk about their experiences. These experiences can help guide others into the best match between course and goal.