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Have you ever dreamed about becoming a makeup artist? Do you browse through fashion and makeup magazines and wish you would be able to do your makeup as perfectly at the girls in those pages? Or do you just want to get some inside information in the area of makeup techniques and learn some tips and tricks that will help you in your daily makeup routine? Whatever question peaked your interest is less important. Because this list of online makeup courses that we’ve gathered here address all of the above. So what are you waiting for, read on!

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What Are Some of the Best Online Makeup Courses Out There?

The Makeup Artist Course from the Online Makeup Academy

This online makeup course is taught by celebrity makeup artist Mariana Bull and it consists of 8 modules: Introduction to Makeup Artistry & Foundations, Skin Preparation, Natural Makeup Application and Basic Smokey Eye, Casual and Glamour Makeup Applications, Bridal Makeup, Mature Skin Makeup, and two other bonus modules.

The price to take this course is $699, and you also get a professional makeup kit valued at $427, which is included in the price of the course and delivered to you for free. You can take the class anywhere, from the comfort of your own home, or even on the go, as you can access it on any device. You will watch videos, receive assignments, and then get evaluated and receive feedback.

After graduating from this class, the advantage is that you will be provided with a PRO Card and helped to obtain memberships at partner firms such as Frends Beauty and Nigels Beauty Emporium. There is also a certification that is awarded to you at the end of this online makeup course, the Online Makeup Academy Certificate of Completion.

Become a Certified Makeup Artist at the QC Makeup Academy

The QC Makeup Academy offers no less than 6 online makeup courses: Master Makeup Artistry, Makeup Artistry, Special FX Makeup, Master Makeup + Fashion Styling, Pro Makeup Workshop, and Airbrush Makeup Workshop.

Each of these online makeup courses is made up of several units, it gets its own course materials and its own certification, and the costs for each class are different. You can just choose the one that best suits your needs according to the detailed description of each of then provided on their website.

You can enroll whenever you want, you will get the materials (course guides, course texts, video tutorials) shipped to you free of charge, and when you are done with an assignment, you can just upload it to the Online Student Center. There, someone will review it and grade you. After completing one of the courses, you will get a certification. Plus, a limited number of free makeup starter kits estimated at $250 are available for people who sign up now.

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Robert Jones Beauty Academy

Robert Jones Beauty Academy in an online makeup academy where you can sign up and where you have an impressive range of makeup courses, full access to makeup tutorial videos taught by Robert Jones himself, exclusive course materials, and many other benefits.

There are three membership levels that you can apply to: basic, gold, and pro. The basic one costs $19.95/month or $215/year and it gives you access to apprentice level and master class course videos. The gold one adds some bonus videos, the ability to download the course material, the possibility to take quizzes and earn to certificates with only $24.95/month or $249/year. Finally, the pro membership level costs $1200/year or $400/month for 3 months and it offers three certificates and some other great benefits. Be sure to check the website to learn more about each membership level and choose the one that you like best.

Makeup Artist Course from TrendiMi

This $199 online makeup course will teach you skills regarding skin care, corrections, eyes and brows, false eyelashes, health and safety, professional makeup application, makeup for different ages, and makeup styles.

The course is broken down into 14 modules, each focusing on a specific thing, and you can start it when you want to. You will get immediate access to the course materials, you will be constantly assessed and graded, but you can work whenever you can, there is no fixed schedule. The course can be accessed online, so you don’t have to worry if you are not home at all times, and you get 45 days to complete the entire thing.

The course is fully accredited, and after you finish it you receive a certification acknowledging your achievement. Check out more details about it on their website.

Makeup Artist Certification Program from Makeup School – Professional Makeup Training

If you’re looking for online makeup courses to teach you how to apply makeup professionally for any kind of event, this one might be the perfect fit for you. You can join whenever you want and start training by downloading the full makeup artist handbook. There are also 77 professional training videos with step by step demonstrations.

After you have completed the course according to your own schedule, you can take an online examination that will be examined. At the end, you will get your certification. See if this is a right fit for you by visiting their website.

20s Inspired Beauty: Recreate the Look of the Decade

In terms of unique online makeup courses, this one is pretty amazing. As the title suggests, it teaches you how to do your makeup like they did it in the Roaring Twenties. It is a completely free class, and you can learn how to do a strong smoky eye, how to properly define your brows, how to apply faux lashes, and how to choose the perfect lip technique for you, all of it in the style of the 20s.

At the end of this fun class, the person who manages to come up with the most interesting, creative, and beautiful makeup idea, will win $100 worth of Make Up For Ever products and will also be featured on their USA Facebook page.

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Beauty by Jackie – Professional Makeup Artists

This website provides a couple of online makeup courses, which are all free and they require absolutely no registration. The website specifies that they always come up with new courses, so make sure to check their website as often as you can.

But here is what they have up until now in terms of online makeup courses: How to apply lashes, Free Makeup Lesson – Look hot in 5 minutes, Free Makeup Lesson – Summer Bronze Look, Free Makeup Lesson – Party Touchup, Free Makeup Lesson – Evening Look, Free Makeup Lesson – Smokey eye look, and Makeup tips.

Summing It All Up

After seeing how many options of online makeup courses there are, it is clear that nowadays you don’t need to sacrifice your precious time to go to class or try to adjust your schedule according to the strict schedule of a university of school. There are so many online makeup courses available, that we believe everyone can find something that suits their needs. You can even get certified by taking an online class and who knows, maybe work as a makeup artist someday. But for the people who don’t want to spend that much on taking an online makeup course, we also included some free options that provide you with the basic tips and tricks of the art of makeup.

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