7 Best Vegan Nutrition Courses Online to Start Your Career

Vegan lifestyles have never been so popular. It’s grown in popularity by 500% since 2014. And if anything, it’s just continuing to grow. The numbers are even more impressive when one considers overlap with vegetarians.

It makes professional and personal sense to learn about vegan nutritional concerns. And in this list we’ll consider some of the best online options. We’ll rank courses by accessibility, prerequisites, what it provides and cost.

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7. Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Instruction

This ranks somewhat lower due to cost. The course has a lot to offer. But at nearly $5,000 it’s a rather expensive option.

And certain career goals are better suited to it than others. In general, the people best suited to it are on a coaching career track. It’s in large part targeting people who want to help individuals with their nutritional journeys.

As such, it goes into detail on wide variety of different vegan options. In fact, the course covers over 100 different healthy diets. By the end of a course students should be able to adapt to the needs of any client. A student will also have some first hand experience with those different diets by the end of a course.

It’s among the best vegan nutrition courses online for future nutritional coaches. But people with different career paths might find a lot of material they don’t need.

Certificate: Health counselor certificate.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $4,995.

6. Nutriciously Course

Nutriciously’s six part course highlights practical applications of a vegan lifestyle. The somewhat lower ranking comes from a higher emphasis on personal use. One will gain valuable experience to use in professional capacity. But there’s a much larger focus on first hand experience.

People essentially learns how to help others by applying those ideas to their own lives. The course leads people through many of the steps involved with a healthy vegan lifestyle. This is also one of the strong points in using it for others.

One will understand exactly how the transitional steps feel. And this level of empathy can offer some real benefits when dealing with clients. It’s among the best vegan nutrition courses online for people who value one on one connections. One can assure clients that they know exactly how it feels to go through the program right from the start.

Certificate: No.
Exam: No.
Cost: Free.

5. Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Course

The ultimate goal of this course is for students to help others make healthy choices. This larger goal serves as the framing device of the lesson plan. Students can expect to spend a fair amount of time learning about the social aspects of veganism.

For example, an early focus for the course involves misconceptions concerning vegan lifestyles. One isn’t simply learning about the health benefits of this lifestyle. They’re also learning about the misconceptions people have about it.

Ultimately they’ll have a full set of tools to help people embrace a vegan lifestyle. They’ll understand the biology, nutrition and social aspects of vegan lifestyles. It’s among the best vegan nutrition courses online for people who want to learn a bit of everything. And within the context of helping others.

Certificate: 150 CPD credits, course certificate and certificate of excellence.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $202.82.

4. Vegan Sports Nutrition

Vegan sports nutrition ranks somewhat lower than one might expect. This is entirely due to the courses specialization. It’s too focused on sports for the average student. But anyone interested in sports nutrition should weigh the course accordingly.

It’s an essential consideration for anyone who wants to combine sports medicine and vegan diets. The course itself centers around practical aspects of combining these two ideals. One can expect basic health and nutrition.

But it places a large emphasis on items pertaining to athletic performance. For example, finding the best plant based proteins for an athlete. This focus makes it the best vegan nutrition courses online for those interested in athletics.

Certificate: No.
Exam: No.
Cost: $500.

3. Rouxbe’s Plant-based Nutrition

Rouxbe’s Plant-Based Nutrition offers a unique take on vegan education. Most of the other options put a heavy emphasis on data and psychology. To be sure, this course does cover those topics. But it also puts a very heavy emphasis on taste.

It’s among the best vegan nutrition courses online for people who enjoy cooking. The other courses usually approach vegan meals from an idea of someone else preparing it. But here, the assumption centers on home cooking. Both for oneself and for future clients.

As such one can expect to learn some advanced cooking techniques. The nutritional topics tend to center around these meals rather than the reverse. And in turn it can help as a motivating factor for people who put heavy emphasis on kitchen skills.

Certificate: Certificate of completion.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $1,299.99.

2. Holistic Nutrition Certification

This is one of the more expensive course options. But it’s also among the most in-depth. It takes someone from beginner all the way to Certified Holistic Nutritionist. The full course goes over material from a full five course textbooks. And one can expect to learn from fifteen hours worth of lectures.

The course covers almost everything one will need to practice as a nutritionist. This even includes some of the legal considerations involved with the industry. It’s also notable for continued access over time. Course instructors are still available for consultation even after one graduates.

The extensive curriculum makes it among the best vegan nutrition courses online. But it’s especially well suited to people who want to have wide ranging practice. The cost is higher than most other courses. But the skills one obtains from it are more rare as well.

Certificate: Certification in holistic nutrition.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $799.

1. eCornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

ECornell’s course consists of three segments. Each of which lasts for two weeks. This might seem like a fairly short course. But it offers a tremendous amount of education within that period. The accelerated learning pace is another highlight of their system.

The high placing is in large part due to the fact that it covers almost every aspect of vegan nutrition. Courses focusing on one specific area of vegan nutrition are the only exception. Those will usually offer more information on their central topic.

But otherwise, one should consider this plant-based nutrition program as best of the best. The course covers everything from the science of veganism to historical considerations. It’s even priced at a competitive rate when compared to other options. As such, people looking for a broad vegan education should consider it as their best option.

Certificate: Yes.
Exam: Yes.
Cost: $1,260.

Summing Up

One should take special note of how varied courses are. There’s quite a few ways to approach vegan nutrition. And even with the same career goal, different options might have more or less appeal. This is also why readers should offer up their own experiences.

Sharing experiences in taking these or similar classes can help others. It helps people consider just what they hope to take away from a class. And in doing so, people can also help reaffirm those lessons in their own lives.

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